Dornier Aviation Nigeria (DANA)

Dornier Aviation Nigeria AIEP (DANA; not to be confused with Dana Air) owns three Dornier 328Jet aircraft (5N-SAG, 5N-IEP, and 5N-DOZ), although some of the aircraft were stored for a long time in Germany and Nigeria.

Recently, 5N-SAG was spotted in Nigeria wearing a new livery and “Yuletide” titles. It is unclear if this is a new airline or just a new name voor DANA. The fate of the other two aircraft is unknown.

Yuletide Do 328 (Copyright PRM)

DANA acquired two more Do 328s from airA!ps this year, which are registered 5N-DOX and 5N-DOY. DANA is the only airline operating Do 328s in Nigeria, since Shell Aviation sold its Do 328Jets last year.

Update: DANA sold 5N-SAG, 5N-IEP and 5N-DOZ in 2011, but acquired 5N-DOW in 2012.



One response to “Dornier Aviation Nigeria (DANA)”

  1. nigerianaviation says :

    5N-SAG was operated for/by Prime Air Services, Abuja. The aircraft is sold and stored at Bournemouth together with 5N-IEP.

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