Arik Air Aims To Join An Alliance

Arik Air’s new CEO Jason Holt said the airline aims at joining an airline alliance as soon as possible to be more competitive with other African airlines:

Managing Director of the airline, Mr. Jason Holt, who spoke at a briefing to herald Arik Air’s operations to New York from Lagos and London Heathrow from Abuja, said the airline had been able to match South African Airways through adequate funding and products.

Jason said Arik Air was desirous of undergoing the International Operational safety Audit (IOSA) as soon as possible to enable it get into one of the world’s airline alliances.

The main question is why Arik Air is now deploying a B738 on the Lagos-Johannesburg route against South African Airlines’ B744. Is the third A345 delayed of do they have problems funding the aircraft? Another possibility is that loads on the route were not sufficient to sustain an A345. But will Arik Air still be able offer a superior product?

With regard to the alliance, it’s most likely that Arik Air would join SkyTeam.



6 responses to “Arik Air Aims To Join An Alliance”

  1. Sam says :

    I would think that joining oneworld is a better bet. Star has way too many members in Africa and Kenya Airways is part of Skyteam (KLM/Air France). oneworld on the other hand has zero members on the entire continent. This begs the question though, is FAAN or any other responsible person in government pushing for new international terminal facilities to be constructed for Lagos? Arik will not be able to play any significant role if airport infrastructure is not built up in time to receive the airline’s long haul Boeing 787/777 fleet which will start arriving in 2011.

    • Kehinde Gafar says :

      I don’t believe you. Egyptair,
      Ethiopian Airlines and
      South African Airways are the only airlines Star has in Africa

  2. nigerianaviation says :

    It’s just a guess. I think Skyteam could use a strong West African partner. If it would be Oneworld, could cooperation between Arik and BA succeed?

    • Kehinde Gafar says :

      Good point. Arik and BA would not succeed. Whereas Lufthansa and Arik would succeed because of the kindness of Carsten Spohr

  3. Kehinde Gafar says :

    I think Arik Air should join Star Alliance because all of the airlines in star alliance support each other,for example 4U9525. Lufthansa and other partners were really supportive even though they have their own businesses

    • Kehinde Gafar says :

      Also, Arik Air are not a good airline so if they can join Star Alliance they will probably be able to improve their business. Arik Niger has already faced corruption and Star Alliance is one of the best and most experienced alliances in the world. So Star Alliance for me is the best

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