Air Midwest Takes Delivery Of First Aircraft

The first B737-500 (5N-PVA) of Air Midwest has been ferried from London Heathrow to Lagos this week. The first flight of the new airline has yet to be announced. The airline concluded a deal with Ethiopian Airlines to maintain their aircraft.

By the way, how many directors can an airline have?



4 responses to “Air Midwest Takes Delivery Of First Aircraft”

  1. Sam says :

    What do you mean? Is this airline’s management overstaffed? They have the ugliest livery I ever saw on a commercial airliner. I couldn’t figure out if the logo is a flying person wearing a suite or some kind of bird!

  2. nigerianaviation says :

    Click on the link. The airline – with just one aircraft – has a chairman, a ceo and thirteen directors.
    I think the logo is a bird.

  3. oladayo oduyoye says :

    please how would i apply for a job.

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