Arik Air Adds Regional Flights From Abuja and Lagos

In addition to the new Lagos-Cotonou-Dakar-Lagos route, Arik Air commenced four weekly Abuja-Accra-Dakar/Banjul services (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) this week. All flights are operated with B737-700s.

Schedules are:

  • Abuja-Accra 19:45-20:35 (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
  • Accra-Abuja 06:30-9:20 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday)
  • Accra-Banjul 21:20-00:10 (Sunday and Friday)
  • Banjul-Accra 02:45-05:35 (Monday and Saturday)
  • Accra-Dakar 21:20-00:20 (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Dakar-Accra 02:15-05:35 (Wednesday and Friday)
  • Lagos-Cotonou 21:20-22:00 (Monday and Friday)
  • Lagos-Dakar 21:20-00:10 (Sunday and Wednesday)
  • Cotonou-Dakar 22:40-01:00 (Monday and Saturday)
  • Dakar-Cotonou 02:00-06:20 (Sunday and Tuesday)
  • Cotonou-Lagos 07:00-07:40 (Sunday and Tuesday)
  • Dakar-Lagos 01:00-05:50 (Monday and Thursday)

The flights to Dakar and Banjul are in addition of the four weekly Lagos-Freetown-Dakar-Banjul service.

The airline also aims at commencing flights to the new Akwa Ibom Airport, Uyo. Test flights are currently being conducted.


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One response to “Arik Air Adds Regional Flights From Abuja and Lagos”

  1. Mrs Jane E. Michael says :

    please can i know the flight schedule for Lagos- Freetown round trip for the last week of this month?

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