Nigerian Airports Update

The Federal Government plans to privatize the four major Nigerian airports together with the surrounding minor airports.

The FAAN has ordered the airlines to remove their unserviceable and derelict aircraft from the airports before the end of the year. A good solution to this problem has yet to be found.

Update: Apparently none of the aircraft was removed.

The new Asaba Airport, Delta State, will not be completed before the end of the year as was planned.


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One response to “Nigerian Airports Update”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    By giving owners of abandoned aircraft at airports till the end of 2009 is a waste of time. Many of the airlines have become defunct and owners in the wind. Outstanding fees have dwarfed the value of many of these planes. What should happen is that a limited warning (6 months) at most should then be followed by scraping the aircraft. The Bac-111s in Benin and other places should be providing used as spares for the increasing limited number of airframes still flying worldwide. Go around the the nation’s airports and you will find 747s’ Dc10s, Dc8s et al clogging up taxiways as well as becoming environmental hazards from leaking oils/ chemicals.

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