Bellview Postpones London Service Again

Bellview Airlines postponed its return on the Lagos-London route with a new B763 with another week, untill December 18, 2009. It is not clear if the airline operates any domestic or regional flights with its sole B732.

Note that tickets purchased online are not refunded by Bellview Airlines according to their conditions of carriage.

Bellview did operate some charter flights to Jeddah, but failed to meet the obligations made to to passengers on this route too.


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3 responses to “Bellview Postpones London Service Again”

  1. Sam says :

    No thanks Bellview. You’ve disappointed thousands of passengers, tormenting them with ridiculous delays of several days, hired rude ground staff, never took the passenger comfort or convenience into account. Bellview started on the right track a decade ago, and then simply disintegrated into disarray and dis-service to its customer base. Bellview should be laid to rest and more capitalized indigenous airlines given patronage.

    Odukoya just let go. Nothing lasts forever!

  2. Flugmax says :

    Money talks. If the banks have not given Odukoya audience lately, then it is indeed over, or at least, should be. Bellview, stop toying with people’s time – and precious lives!

  3. Flugmax says :

    Besides, we haven’t heard anything regarding the infamous Request-for-Proposals that Bellview sent to the major manufacturers. Oh well, that was before the financial crisis bit the Nigerian economy and shook the local banks. Will Odukoya resubmit a sound business plan to the surviving banks? I hope so, but doubt it. Of course without serious cash, Bellview will never rise to the challenge of re-fleeting with modern aircraft (ERJ or whatever).

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