Kabo Air Announces Domestic Flights

Kabo Air announced its return to the Nigerian domestic market with scheduled flights between Lagos, Abuja and Kano.

Apart from the Hajj charters operated with their B742s, Kabo Air also wet-leases a B763 from Icelandair for its scheduled flights from Abuja and Kano to Cairo, Dubai and Jeddah.


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4 responses to “Kabo Air Announces Domestic Flights”

  1. Flugmax says :

    This would not be the first time Kabo Air announce the resumption of domestic services. I would only believe it when I see it. Besides, what aircraft are they planning to use? I hope not 727/737-200 !!

  2. nigerianaviation says :

    Perhaps they will use the ERJ-145 that Kabo Air will reportedly lease from the Bauchi State government.

  3. AsoRock says :

    Is it just me or are Nigerian skies overcrowded? I mean with the economomic recovery not in full swing, would it make sense for KABO to re-enter the market? Arik and other carriers light-years ahead of KABO are already serving the market.

  4. Flugmax says :

    AsoRock, Kabo has always been rather popular among the Hausas who also own it. I see Kabo succeeding if the air fares right, they stick to their schedules, and don’t follow an ‘free seating / tokunbo” mentality prevalent during their 727-200 years…A once or twice daily Lagos-Kano, and another daily Kabo-Abuja service in ERJ145 would make money I believe, but yet again only if the operational plan is right from the onset (including right people). Without a backup a/c I doubt they are serious about anything though!
    But I agree that Kano is rather limited, owing to its unfortunate de-industrialization over the years. But who knows, with the opening of the new domestic terminal, and some private sector projects underway (Kano Economic city, etc.) the city might relive its lost glory soon.

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