Nigerian Air Force Takes Delivery Of First ATR 42-500MP

Alenia Aeronautica delivered the first of two ATR 42-500MP (Maritime Patrol) aircraft, registered NAF930, to the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) as part of the contract signed in March 2007. The second aircraft is currently being converted and will be delivered to the NAF in 2010.

Nigerian Air Force - ATR 42-500MP - NAF930 (Copyright Avionews)



4 responses to “Nigerian Air Force Takes Delivery Of First ATR 42-500MP”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    Nice to see the ATRs in NAF colours especially for maritime patrol. I sincerely hope it does not end like the very low time F.27s abandoned at Benin Airport. If I remember correctly the F27s were grounded pending the incompleted crash investigation of the NAF F27 which crashed in 1980. What a waste of money Nija style.

    Wonder when we see first images of the Shenyang F7 fighters (microwaved over Mig 21s) . Another waste of funds and not much technology transfer.

  2. nigerianaviation says :

    Here are some of the stored F27s:
    At least one C130 (NAF913) and one G222 (NAF955) have been refurbished, along with a few Do-228s. For some pictures:

    The first F7s are being assembled at Markudi, I believe. Not really state of the art aircraft indeed.

  3. Sam says :

    Finally an aircraft that will be able to provide air transportation services to the army! I read recently the government is deeply embarassed of the state of the air force!

  4. Alaba Bham says :

    Hopefully not just for transportation as i dont think its built for that. It has a superb avionics suite (radar, night tracking, long over water patrol etc). I want to see bunkering vessels tracked thus stopping lost revenue. Maybe track vessels delivering arms and munitions to the Delta and vector interceptors (when & if the F7 Shenyangs go online)with a view to make Nigerian waters safer (I hope!!).

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