Arik Air Puts Dash 8-Q400s Into Service

Arik Air has announced the entry into commercial service of its two new Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 aircraft (5N-BKU and 5N-BKV), delivered to the airline in October. The two Q400s are the first of four ordered by the airline. A third one (5N-BKW) is awaiting delivery at Toronto.

Arik Air - Dash 8-Q400 - 5N-BKU (Copyright Hans-Werner Klein)

Arik Air’s fourth B738 (5N-MJQ; City of Calabar) performed test flights this week at Seattle. It may be delivered to Nigeria soon.

Will Arik Air commence flights to Lomé soon? If so, they would be to quick for ASKY Airlines, a new airline supported by Ethiopian Airlines, that announced starting flights in January 2010 with two B737-700s.



4 responses to “Arik Air Puts Dash 8-Q400s Into Service”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    Arik is going through a huge expansion. Managing a fleet mix of Boeings, Airbus, Fokker aircraft must be a logistics nightmare for spares, training and maintenance. I hope like Icarus they dont fly too close to the sun and burn.

  2. Flugmax says :

    I wonder when they will take delivery of the third A340-500, and when they will launch Lagos-Abu Dhabi-Beijing.

  3. nigerianaviation says :

    @Alaba Bham
    All Arik’s aircraft are serviced by Lufthansa. The wet-leased props are maintained by the lessor, Denim Air.

    The third A345 was on the flightline at TLS last week, still unpainted. It has subsequently been ferried to Lourdes (LDE) for onward storage.
    The airline seems to have problems financing new aircraft. Several Boeing aircraft have been waiting for delivery too.
    Arik Air will supposedly not open any new long-haul route in the coming year, but develop and mature their current routes as well as expand their African network.

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