A Step Closer to Arik Air’s First B787-9

After the successful first flight of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, it will still take at least six years before Arik Air receives its first B787-900. A long way to go, but nonetheless a moment worth commemorating.

Arik Air – Boeing 787-900

Arik Air has 7 B787-900s on order as well as 5 B777-300ERs (first delivery in 2011).

Unfortunately, the third A345 (F-WWTH; CS-TQL), acquired by the airline from Kingfisher Airlines, has been put in long term storage at LDE this week.



6 responses to “A Step Closer to Arik Air’s First B787-9”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    Great achivement from Boeing again. As Arik has put several aircraft into storage as a result of overcapacity, what role will the Dreamliner fit into its business model? Will its long haul routes demands result in its ordered dreamliners filling that capacity or will these also end up in long term storage?

    • wingsofnigeria says :

      That will depend on the pace with which Nigeria recovers from its current economic turbulence especially the banking sector. Well, the militants have laid down their arms. If permanent peace and stability dawns on Nigeria, there is no reason why these 787s will be in storage. In fact I am betting that this order will be increased.

    • nigerianaviation says :

      For an outsider, it’s difficult to tell whether Arik Air has problems financing its new aircraft lately (due to the banking crisis in Nigeria) or not. But everything is pointing into that direction. Arik could surely use a third A345 to go daily to JFK and upgrade their service to JNB again. It’s interesting to see how their B738 services to LHR/JNB develops. Another option is that they are not too happy with the performance of the A345 and therefore decline to take a third one.
      The airline should use the coming year to enter into interline/code sharing agreements with other airlines, and ultimately, join an alliance. 2016 is still far away.

      • Alaba Bham says :

        Regarding Arik being unhappy with the A345 performance, they would have been given guarantees by Airbus on this. Whilst the data might be confidential, Airbus will have agreed to compensate for any performace shortfalls.

        Wonder how the stats Dreamliner V A345 stacks up viz a viz Arik market plans?

      • nigerianaviation says :

        Arik Air converted its order for two B777-200LR’s to B777-300ER’s. So, I suspect they don’t need any ULH aircraft anymore. Furthermore, the A345 are owned by Arik, dry-leased to HiFly and wet-leased back by Arik. This means that they can’t be disposed of easily when the Boeings arrive in 2011.
        The B787s will be mainly used on the shorter African/European and Asian routes and not to the US or China.

  2. wingsofnigeria says :

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