Airports Under Construction Or Proposed In Nigeria

While the Federal Government aims at privatising the airports under FAAN management, several state governments are currently building their own airports. Here is a list of state airports currently under construction or proposed in Nigeria:

  • Akwa Ibom Airport, Uyo: partly completed
  • Anambra State Airport, Umueri: proposed
  • Bayelsa Airport, Yenagoa: proposed
  • Asaba Airport, Delta State: under construction
  • Ekiti State Airport: proposed
  • Lagos State, Lekki International Airport: proposed
  • Minna Cargo Airport, Niger State, reconstruction proposed
  • Ogun State Cargo Airport: proposed
  • Osun State Airport, Ido-Osun, under construction
  • Jalingo Airport, Taraba State, under construction
  • Zamfara Cargo Airport, Gusau: proposed

Time will tell whether all proposed airports will be built eventually. However, a national master plan should be developed to ensure the economic viability of the existing and new airports. Building an airport seems to be one of the most popular prestige projects a Nigerian state governor can think of nowadays.

Asaba Airport under construction (2009)


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5 responses to “Airports Under Construction Or Proposed In Nigeria”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    All these airports look good on paper but also raises many questions for me.
    • Are these airports funded publicly, privately, through IPOs, project financing, revenue bonds?
    • Does the growth in passenger and cargo volumes justify this infrastructure expansion?
    • Have there been environmental studies carried out at all these proposed airports as well as those under construction? Public consultation often is lacking in these grandiose schemes
    • The last point in the article is right; there should be a national programme to determine demands on Nigerian air traffic control, environmental impacts, what infrastructure needs to support such development?

    Lastly it would help to understand the thinking behind the airports and also help understand the economic base that would support it.

    • nigerianaviation says :

      It’s doubtful whether the current growth of passenger and cargo volumes justifies the building of new airports. For instance, no agricultural crops or livestock have been exported via Ilorin Airport, while this airport has some prospective as agro cargo terminal. But what are they going to export from cargo terminals in Ogun, Niger and Zamfara? It is the gateway fallacy to think that building an airport catalyses economic growth and export production in an efficient way.
      As for the northern states, they mainly argue that the airports are required for the yearly Hajj. But the number of passengers is normally to low to warrant scheduled operations, although Arik Air and Overland are giving it a try with flights to Katsina and Gombe. As for the south, I think the proposed airports in Anambra and Bayelsa are redundant for now.
      The airports are financed in various ways, but it’s no secret that such huge infrastructural projects are very liable to money laundering.
      It would be nice if all the efforts were directed to improving the facilities at the existing airports (and to other projects, such as road maintenance).

  2. Skywalker says :

    I hope all this airports come up really soon. Fact is some might not really be viable economically but if general aviation in Nigeria is encouraged then who knows. There can never be to many airports in my opinion but if the public is encouraged to own/rent private general aviation aircrafts i.e. Cessna’s, etc then there just might be an opportunity here.

  3. Ezeukpo says :

    Isn’t Jalingo airport already completed? I believe it’s open, at least to VIP traffic and lighter aircraft. The terminal building and runway is complete. I don’t know the extent to which the airfield is in compiance with NCAA safety requirements though.
    I agree with Skywalker about the need for more airports. However, these new facilities should be backed up with real economic growth programs by each state, otherwise they’re building more ghost, underutilized airports for the poor masses to stare at.
    BTW here’s an interesting fact for you. Nigeria recently ranked 111 out of 123 in the world by a sports organization in the criteria of “airport density”. For Nigeria’s population and size, there simply aren’t enough airports. But this is only one criteria, and the failure on the govn’t part to industralize the country is an important issue not to overlook as obviously it will affect aviation.

  4. Okobo says :

    I do believe some of the airports in the oil producing states are quite essiential for the growth of this vital industry.In the North,airports subsistute as an alternative for the elites to visit distant places without staring at the appaulling roads their greed have prevented its repair and maintenance.Although the roads in the south are in worse state of disrepair than in the north, The fact is that the while Federal Government built most airports in The North out of political consideration while the States and oil companies build the ones in the South for growth of business.

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