From The Olden Days: Russian Aircraft In Nigeria

Some parts of Africa are well-known as places where old Russian aircraft find their last home. Nigeria is one of the exceptions. There is no carrier that currently operates Russian aircraft nor have there been many in the past. Nigeria never had a strong focus on the Soviet Union. And in the 1990s, when many private airlines were established in Nigeria, it was probably easier and cheaper to get secondhand aircraft from Europe and the United States.

Here is a list of Nigerian Airlines that leased or owned Russian metal:

Premium Air Shuttle – Yak-40 – 5N-BOS (Copyright Roberto Benetti)

Other airlines that operated Eastern European made aircraft were Oriental Airlines with a LET L-410 (late 1980s) and Lamonde Air that had two of this type (5N-BEA and 5N-BEB) in the 2000s. 5N-BEB was later registered as 5N-BCM and operated by Easy Link Aviation.

Click on the links for pictures. Any correction is welcome.


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6 responses to “From The Olden Days: Russian Aircraft In Nigeria”

  1. Skywalker says :

    Nice pictures, I also have a collection of some “Weired” aircrafts that used to fly in Nigerian airspace.but now its all Boeing,Fokker and MD’s, even an airbus will look weired around now apart from Arik’s. I think you should write about the number of ZS-??? registered HS125 littering our airspace these and if possible their owners/operators,i.e. ZS-KAA,ZS-PKY,ZS-BOT etc.once again, very nice blogg.cheers m8

  2. nigerianaviation says :

    Thanks for the reply! It’s really difficult to get an overview of the biz jets that are currently flying in Nigeria. Reportedly, about 28 private jets were bought by Nigerians in 2008-2009. Many have ZS-, VP- or 3B- registrations and are sometimes leased for short periods. Therefore, it’s difficult to identify the owners.

    ZS-KAA is owned by Skylimit Jet and Charter Services (Barbedos Group, Kaduna). They also operated ZS-KBS (Raytheon 390) in the past and recently acquired a Hawker 900XP.

    Politicians, businessmen, bankers and pastors are known to be owners of bizjets:
    N664D – Winners’ Chapel – Living Faith Church (Bishop Oyedepo):
    3B-SSD – Dangote/Obasanjo/Ibori(?): (sold and reregistered in 2012)
    3B-NGT – Femi Otedola: (for sale in 2012)
    N169SD – Dantata family(?):
    VP-BJM – Adenuga:
    5N-BEX – Dangote (operated by Wings Aviation):
    Otedola ordered a Bombardier Global 5000
    N800BN – Arumeni-Johnson:
    N707EA – Redeemed Christian Church (Pastor Adeboye)/Emmanuel Aviation – a GIV:
    The Bethel Church has a jet too.
    Representative Bala Ibn Na’Allah from Kebbi has a Cessna 172 (5N-BRT) and a Pilatus PC12 (5N-BNG):

    Furthermore, United Bank for Africa Plc owns a Cessna Citation jet, managed by Nigerian Eagle Airlines, while Zenith Bank Plc owns a HS 125-800XP, managed by Arik Air. Oceanic Bank International Plc owns two HS 125-800 jets, while Guaranty Trust Bank Plc has a Challenger 306 jet, managed by Kings Airlines and Travels Limited.

    It seems that Dana Air never commenced charter operations with their Learjet 45xp (5N-DAL). Interesting news is that VistaJet announced it may open a base in Nigeria or Ghana this year.

    Two Hawkers 800s are operated by Kings Air / King Airline (5N-BMR and 5N-BNE).

    5N-BMT remains unidentified.

  3. skywalker says :

    Well said, most of the HS125 I believe are owned by banks, many of the ZS registered planes are from one company in south Africa (NAC) national airways co-operation an aircraft leasing firm.ZS-KBS is still very much around with a lot of the others, but then again many Nigerian’s can afford the luxury. I also believe many are used to shuttle our governors around by the various charter firms in he country.

  4. nigerianaviation says :

    The Raytheon 390 was also registered ZS-KBS in the past, but now the Hawker 900XP has this reg. Here is a picture: You can clearly see the logo of the Barbedos Group: The aircraft is operated by National Airways Corporation of South Africa indeed.

    BTW, ZS-BOT:; is operated for Oando PLC: The also lease ZS-PCY from NAC.

    Some others:
    5N-DGN – Hawker 1000 – Executive Jet Services (company owned by Dangote)
    5N-MAO – Hawker 700 – Kings Airlines and Travels (also owned 5N-MAZ and 5N-MAY in the past)
    5N-BLW – Learjet 45XR – Associated Aviation (also operates 5N-BGV and 5N-BFC)
    5N-BJS – Cessna C560 Citation Excel – Pan African Airlines

  5. nigerianaviation says :

    5N-PZE – Oranto Oil – Prince Arthur Eze – Gulfstream IV

  6. Anonymous says :

    Winners’ Chapel Bishop Oyedepo purchases a fourth aircraft, a GV:

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