NAF To Build International Helicopter School in Enugu

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has concluded plans to establish an International Helicopter School in Enugu State. The initiative has the support of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). The institute will train officers and civilians to become (helicopter) pilots, air traffic controllers or aircraft maintenance engineers.



17 responses to “NAF To Build International Helicopter School in Enugu”

  1. Skywalker says :

    Nigeria has a very impressive amount of helicopter operations and it is only right that we have a helicopter training school. A friend of mine had to go to Australia to get his cpl in helicopters since the folks at Zaria are only into fixed wings. I hope it comes online and is of international standards as a lot of expatriates are operating our “super Puma’s, S76 and Bell 414’s”

  2. Alaba Bham says :

    I thought that NAF had a chopper school in Enugu for many years. Was this one of our ‘paper’ institutions then?

    • nigerianaviation says :

      305 Flying Training School
      The 305 Flying Training School (305 FTS) Enugu, metamorphosed from NAF Station Enugu, which was established in the mid-1970s. NAF Station Enugu was the home of the MiG 17 fighter aircraft until 1981, when the Headquarters of Tactical Air Command (HQ TAC) and Air Defence Group (ADG) were established at Makurdi.
      Subsequently, following the recognition of the need to train its own helicopter pilots locally, the NAF established 305 FTS as an ab-initio and basic helicopter flying school. Being the first and only one of its kind in the sub-region, the 305 FTS was established to provide helicopter training for pilots of the NAF and sister Services of the armed forces as well as friendly African countries. On 22 February 1987, the pioneer set of helicopter pilots to be trained locally commenced training as Basic Helicopter Flying Course 1 (BHFC 1) on the Hughes 300C helicopter.
      However, during the rationalisation of NAF units in 1991, the School was downgraded to a wing status and relocated to 97 Special Operations Group Port Harcourt, while what was left became a NAF detachment. In subsequent years, the need to have an autonomous helicopter training school to complement the fixed wing schools at 301 and 303 FTS led to the re-establishment of 305 FTS Enugu in June 2000. By 2001, the unit became active again and the Mi-34C trainer helicopter was introduced into NAF inventory to replace the Hughes 300. The same lull that befell NAF aircrew training also affected this school, thus since its inception, only 2 courses have been graduated with BHFC 3 just about to commence flying. The unit currently conducts local type-rating courses for its engineers and technicians.

      Note that the school will now be open for civilians.

  3. Clement.A.Ogunjimi says :

    Please Nigerian leaders,for too
    long,the issue of having an helicopter school is long over due.
    Some of us the younger one are ashamed of Nigeria pace of development,mostly in the arena of helicopter training.

    I have to travel to south africa to train for my private pilot helicopter 2008,so the Enugun issue is highly needed please I am begging our leaders to get right this time.
    My regards.

    • says :

      mr clement i am intrested in pilot training and i want u to help me with details on how you did your training and i.e the school in south africa and how much it takes to be a pilot.thanks my name is kennedy from delta state

  4. Clement.A.Ogunjimi says :

    I want to get my commercial license on helicopters please notify me when the training commences at Enugun Air Force Training School.

  5. Joseph Silver says :

    Please does anyone have an idea of when the helicopter school in enugu will commence? And when they will start selling forms? I want to know if i will be patient enough because i intend starting a programme with ncatz. Flight operation officer. Sides i hardly hope on nigerian promises. Reach me 07032958953 or




  7. Isaac Oyewole says :

    I am a starter(nigerian) planning to have a private helicopter instead of a private jet because of its ease and portability. I want to be enlightened on; *procedure of purchase *Licensing and *Rules.

  8. says :

    please notify me when the training starts at enugu

  9. yusuf says :

    Hi can you link me to start my application because i really have interest. Please link me to start my appication.

  10. Begbunem emmanuel says :

    Is good to hear of this enugu flying school.please i will like you guys to enlighting me on when the next entrance will cormence. And what it will cost to be a student there,thanks

  11. Uwadia Obed says :

    Same here. I am happy to know of this development. Please i wish to be intimated on what it costs to be a student there. thanks

  12. anyakora frank says :

    Pls let me knw about d school cos am interested •i just finished mi Bsc in futo•contact with 08063163253

  13. Ogugua Joseph says :

    Am so happy I found this site, and also happy about the development and I would wish to apply for the studies. Thanks

  14. salvation duruzo says :

    pls it my priveliage to write to you,that i we like to join the training,since i we no longer travel far to learn aeronatic enigneer or air controler,i we e gratefull to participate in the training.
    pls notify me when the form is out,am a ssce holder,pls this my contact=07089541538/+2348139457330.thanks for your co-operation.

  15. Jimmy David says :

    Bravo, that a good one. Base on the fact that is only one aviation institute in Nigeria own by Government ar Zaria. Tom-up for the NAF international helicopter training school Enugu..
    published side the institute and make it affordable for both the poor and the rich who are interested. God bless NIGERIA…

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