Incidents At Kano And Lagos

An unconfirmed report says that a MEA A330 yesterday damaged its left winglet after taxiing into Kabo Air’s B747-200 (5N-JRM). The second aircraft suffered some damage too. The airport is full of parked aircraft at Kano and it appears that the tarmac was badly lighted.

Earlier this week, on Monday, an AirFrance B777 aborted take-off at Lagos Airport because of a technical problem, resulting in a burst tire.


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2 responses to “Incidents At Kano And Lagos”

  1. Skywalker says :

    I Just read about it on PPRUNE here’s what someone wrote

    “The 747 has significant damage to the LH horizontal stab and the APU area.

    In particular the underside of the LH stab looks badly scored and the LH inboard elevator is fit for scrap.

    The APU shrouding has a very bad tear just beneath the exhaust and rippling on the RH side of the shroud.

    I suspect the scoring to the underside of the stab could be considered very serious.

    The MEA 330 winglet looks a bit sorry for itself, but not as bad as I would have expected given the damage it inflicted on the 747 which I’m told was parked minding its own business.”

    A lot of ramp related incidence’s these day’s.The foreign flight crew and our ground marshaller need to know that our aprons are either very small or overcrowded so extreme caution should be used when taxiing and parking.

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