Makurdi Airport To Be Opened For Civil Operations

There are reports that Makurdi Airport will be opened for civil operations. The military will soon conclude an agreement with the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA). This news is confusing though, as Sosoliso Airlines operated flights to Makurdi in the recent past and Associated Aviation currently does.


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One response to “Makurdi Airport To Be Opened For Civil Operations”

  1. Oladejo Olowu says :

    Dear Dana Air/NCAA Officials,
    I may not be sure that any top-level Dana Air official will receive or see this message but I owe it to myself and to millions of Nigerians using air transport to place this on the record.
    On 23 August 2016, because of the necessity to return to my duty post and in view of other unreliable options, I had to fly Dana Air from Port Harcourt to Abuja, scheduled flight at 0855, Seat Number 13A.
    I could not pretend that all was fine with the flight because from take-off to landing, the Flight Captain only communicated ONCE, and that single occasion was with his flight crew to take positions.
    Having flown for almost two decades within and outside Nigeria, I am accustomed to flight captains communicating with their passengers in ways that put their minds at rest.
    For an airline that has had a history of fatal crash resulting in massive loss of lives and property, I would have expected your pilot in question to have done better than what I experienced on that day.
    I have flown MedView, Arik Air, Air Peace, and Azman – all Nigerian airlines – but never were the pilots blacking out their passengers as the Dana Air pilot did to us. The lady sitting next to me confirmed that it was the same scenario when she flew into PHC with her kids the previous day.
    When pilots are silent in an industry where risks are exceptionally high such as Nigeria, it leaves a sour taste in the mouth. My fears are justified when one remembers that it was an MD-83 that crashed in your fleet in 2012 and it is an identical aircraft you use in most of your operations till date. One of these old aeroplanes flew us on the day in question.
    You will do better to correct this unfriendly atmosphere on your flights and restore passenger confidence.
    The big tourism countries in Africa make air passengers look forward to flying through the friendly conduct from the flight deck and soothing words of the pilots in those regions.
    Thank you for your time and attention.

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