Arik Air Returns Last Leased F50

Arik Air returned the fourth and last wet-leased Fokker 50 to Denim Air. The Dutch airline is still operating three Dash 8-Q300s for Arik Air. It seems that the F50s are substituted by Arik’s own Dash 8-Q400s on the domestic routes, while it appears that Arik Niger ceased operations altogether. At least, no Arik Niger flights are bookable anymore on the website.

Update: According to Arik Air’s spokesman Ola Adebanji “Arik Niger has only suspended operations and will resume shortly”.


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5 responses to “Arik Air Returns Last Leased F50”

  1. GlobalFlyer says :

    The Niger domestic and int’l maket is so negligible I don’t know what prompted Arik to venture there, considering also the language and cultural barriers. Arik should focus on Nigeria and international flights from it’s Abuja and Lagos hubs.

    • nigerianaviation says :

      Arik Air was mainly interested in operating international flights from Niamey. However, the cooperation with their Nigerien partners was difficult from the beginning. If Arik Niger ceased operations, it means a huge investment loss for Arik Air. Language and culture should not be a problem, as the airline also operates to Sierra Leone, Benin and Cotonou.

      After abandoning Uyo, Arik Air would now give up another series of destinations. Fleet reduced to 27 aircraft. Not a good sign. It’s a pity that McTighe had to leave. I have my doubts about the new (ex-VK) management.

  2. Ken Iwelumo says :

    Arik Air did not do it’s home work properly before venturing into Niger Republic. There was no way it was going to make money in a country where civil servants get their salaries from South Korea and Taiwan or where electricity comes from Nigeria free of charge. The antics of the businessman friend of the Nigerien President did not help matters. I think the financial impact to Arik is minimal. Arik probably lost more money in it’s first month of operations into London and JFK than the entire Niger Republic adventure. As for Uyo, it was all politics. Activity in the oil industry and the growth of local industry (particularly aircraft MRO) will eventually lead to flights between Uyo and other parts of the country. State Governments should focus on enhancing their states and making them attractive for investors and investments and not get into the business of subsidizing airlines to fly into their airports. If the demand is there and there is money to be made, the airlines will show up on their own.

  3. JumboPilot says :

    Well this really gets me so mad.

    There is such an amazing opportunity for a carrier to establish international routes in Niger!!! Arik has built relations with the wrong partners in Niger. I have lived there, and I will soon be flying there again, and I know many many people that would have done an outstanding job. This is such a shame!

    Flights from Niamey to Paris, Brussels, Dubai and are doing great. Sometimes you can’t book a flight with Air France or Air Maroc or Air Algerie or Afriqiyah!

    As the national market, only the charter activity works. You will never fill a F50 for national flights. Do like some charter companies are doing now, get a few B1900 and operate them as charters!! Some companies have 2 daily flights per day to the Uranium sites in the north. They sell each flight at 8.000.000 CFA.

    Arik did a incredible bad job. It could have been successful.

    • nigerianaviation says :

      Planning never has been a strong point of Arik Air. They will be happy that the Niger operations are halted – the airline currently faces huge financial problems. Hopefully, they will succeed in consolidating their current position.

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