New Charter Airline: TopBrass Aviation

While many airlines in Nigeria are suffering financial hardship, a new charter company commenced services: TopBrass Aviation. The Lagos-based airline operates a fleet of four Hawker HS-125s (a Hawker 850XP, 900XP, 1000, and 4000, all leased from the South African National Airways Corporation).

TopBrass Aviation



11 responses to “New Charter Airline: TopBrass Aviation”

  1. idowu-agida oludare says :

    It”s obvious and no doubt that you are doing all you can be efficient.keep it up.

  2. salubi uvie sheila says :

    Keep up the good works. Please how do I apply for a cabin crew job with your airline?

  3. bisi says :

    pls how do i apply for a cabin crew job?kudos

  4. says :

    Am edobor eromonsele samson.I had a progrmme at Ambrose Ali university, and also had an opportunity to study in Nigeria College of Aviation Technology Zaria, Nigeria, where study; executive cabin crew, and i have obtain my license and certificate.
    am interested in working in your company, but i don’t really know,how do i apply?
    Thank you!

  5. umukoro efe irikefe says :

    topbrass aviation is going places

  6. Justina Alex says :

    Pls can someone tell me how to apply for a cabin crew job with topbrass airline and also i will like to know if they are currently recruiting?

  7. MK says :

    I’m impressed with the good work. Please I’m interested in working as one of your Cabin Safety and Comfort Officers. How do I apply

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