Tradecraft Air – New Charter Airline?

Last year an airline called Tradecraft Air (sometimes referred to as Trade Craft Air) was designated to carry pilgrims from Ilorin and Lagos to Jeddah. Reportedly, the company used two leased B767s. Tradecraft Air now appears to have acquired a B767-300 of its own. This means that the airline joins Kabo Air and MaxAir as pilgrims charter carrier in Nigeria.

Update: it’s an ex-Delta B767-300 (serial 23436).


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19 responses to “Tradecraft Air – New Charter Airline?”

  1. Aviation Expert says :

    The owner of Tradecraft Air (sometimes referred to as Trade Craft Air) is Abdul Salam and it is a CROOK who have cheated millions! He used Air Niamey name and got the contract for Haj


      The ownerof TRADECRAFT AIR is not a CROOK and has never been one. He is an honest man. He has never cheated aNYONE IN HIS LIFE.hE IS FROM A RICH FAMILY.HIS grand father came to NigeriA and created wealth. His father was once a minister in the first republic he inherited wealth and is using it in the service of the LORD. tHEREFORE WIthout enemies one will not succeed in life. ENEMIES OF ABDULSALAM GASHASH SHAME ON YOU FOR TELLING LIES AGAINST HIM. WAIT FOR GOD’S WRATH.

    • Anonymous says :

      con oil has supply your aircraft in kanuna over two week your office has not payed one an Italian man and one aminu Nigerian call us to supply pls we need our money or we will take the matter to the police and we are going to do big problem in the country so pls contact me walid alua on this emali

      • Bashir Muyideen Dan Faggee says :

        Gooo to police keeeeee !! He is a inlaw to the current IG . He will not pay !!! Bloody thief

    • Bashir Muyideen Dan Faggee says :

      Yes !!! Bloody thief that should die like fowl on the street

  2. Djemba says :

    Absolutely,the biggest croop in this world. In 2008. He worked with air niamey collected money from them and disapear. Up to know he is hiding. He put Air niamey almost in bankcrupty. Don’t trust this man(Abdul Salam, owner of tradecraft)…How did he got this money to buy an aircraft? Just On cheating people! Cheaters will not go to paradise, they always pay for their acts…


      WHO are the people that you are saying that Abdulsalam Gashash has collected money from them? If you are sure of what you are saying l know where Abdulsalam is and l am ready to help catch him. At the moment l am in the US but l can come down to Nigeria and help you arrest because you are indeed helping to save our brother from going to HELL by cheating people. On the other hand if you making false is better you ask GOD for forgiveness before it too late.

      • samuel says :

        well, i personally work with abdulsalam gashash for 3 years we live together, and to be honest he is a straight forward person…

  3. mohammad says :

    Ku ‘yan bakin ciki a haka za ku kare. Don ba ku da damar yin arzikin shikenan sai ku yi ta yi wa mutan bakin ciki. Cutar ma iya wa ce. Kai don kutumar ubanka ka yi mana. ‘Yan bura uba kai ne babban dan wuta. Don ubanka provide papers for your claim. Munafikai algungumai

  4. Moraks says :

    Tradecraft Air has come to stay, at least the organzation will put smile on some people.

    • Adeola Saliu says :

      @ Bashir , Saheed continue tarnish his image for working with this people . I knew that Saheed of Bmtc Logistic for the past 9 years when he first use White Airways to take us to Hajj , then there is no (NACHON) but Directorate of pilgrimage affair , about 5 years later He took us on charter flight through Sama Airline but in 2011 , he use Tradecraft to airlift us and all our luggage was diverted to Kano by that Bello Bala Muazu in concert with Abdul Salam Gasash and I m aware of the fraud Salam gas ash and Bello Muazu did to almost 700 passengers in lagos in 2012 which i learn saheed pay them . if saheed is not part of the fraud the trade craft is doing why did he work with them again this 2013 . they suffer many people and keep them for 15 days extra

  5. abba .m. ali koki says :

    mai bakin ciki can never progresss a duniya. Tradecraft B767-300 is d best in Nigeria

    • Bashir Muyideen Dan Faggee says :

      Ali Koki is also bird of same feather , Bloody Jinx and collaborator with the useless commissional of Hajj ,Bar Abdullahi Mukhtar are also animal that back abdul salam gas ash to defraud people

  6. Amb Moukhtar Gashash says :

    Aviation Expert and Djemba or whatever your names are,if you have elders in your states or wherever you came from go and ask them who is Gashash in Nigeria.

  7. Anonymous says :

    If you have any evidence of cheat or mistrust pls come forward and tender.You fools.Magnet

  8. Abubakr SK jibreeL says :

    Alhamdulillah. In this life surely u shall not progress if u have no HATERS. ABDUSSALAM GASHASH Is like a plne in the sky never coming down or even redusing in altitude. Djemba and Aviation Expert are noting but Haters and wanna be’s. May Allah continue to raise u above them.

  9. Jalal M.Rufai says :

    TradeCraft Air has abandoned its 2013 Hajj. We are supposed to be transported back home on monday, but even the first flight got to Kano today after 3 days on transit. Muna rokon Allah ya bi mana haqqinmu.

  10. Bashir Muyideen Dan Faggee says :

    Jinx and bloody thief and crook “Abdul Salam Gasash ” use one Bello Baba Muazu and Yahya , The Kabo Airline MD to defraud over 700 passengers in Lagos and disappear after they have open counter and issue ticket to passengers and collected money from passenger of which one saheed from BMTC Logistic Limited finally appear to pay 629 passengers with his money only Allah subhana llah knew if they pay him back or noooo because everyone buy ticket because they you saheed name to sell the ticket

  11. Taysir Quzah says :

    As I know after been with him long time Mr. Abdul salaam Ghashash honest and straight forward person and hopping to work for him again

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