NCAA Revokes AOC of Afrijet, Bellview, And Capital

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority yesterday revoked the Air Operator Certificates (AOC) of Afrijet Airlines, Bellview Airlines, and Capital Airlines. All airlines suspended their operations last year due to financial problems. Since Bellview acquired a B767-300ER (5N-BVA), but failed to recommence flights as the aircraft is still stored at Shannon. Afrijet returned their two MD-80s (5N-BKO and 5N-BKI) to the lessors, but has four ATR 72-500s on order; it’s unlikely that they will actually get these props. Finally, Capital was operating a single EMB120 (5N-BLN). At one point, there were reports that start-up Red 1 Xpress would acquire Capital as well as their AOC.

Update: The director of the NCAA stated that Bellview and Afrijet haven’t lost their AOC, but merely have to meet some criteria again before being allowed to operated commercial operations.

It will take a long time before two Nigerian operators will fly intercontinental routes again. This is a unique picture, showing an Arik Air A345 and Bellview Airlines B762 side by side at London Heathrow (Terminal 2) last summer.

Arik Air and Bellview at London Heathrow (2009) - (Copyright Aero Icarus)


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One response to “NCAA Revokes AOC of Afrijet, Bellview, And Capital”

  1. Skywalker says :

    I saw this coming for a while now. I read rumors that Bellview was trying to start up with a couple of aircraft on order, Capital’s single aircraft had an incident in Enugu last year and Afrijet ran for a few weeks. I would be really surprised if the above airlines did not see this coming. I believe that if all three airlines join forces they still will come up short of the NCAA requirements.

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