Arik Air Takes Delivery Of First A330-200

Arik Air will take delivery of an Airbus A330-200 (c/n 1002), powered by PW 4168A engines, from Amentum Capital, an Irish lessor. The aircraft is owned by HSH Nordbank and was destined for Air Comet (F-WJKL).

The A332 is already painted in full Arik Air colours at Châteauroux Airport. The airline will deploy the aircraft on the Lagos-Johannesburg route, currently served with a B737-800. The A332 is also better suited for this route than the A345. Operating the aircraft itself may also be cheaper for Arik Air than the current complex dry-lease and wet-lease back construction with HiFly for the A345s. Therefore, it is unlikely that Arik Air will still acquire a third A345. The earlier announced deal with Kingfisher for the wet-lease of two A332s seems to be off too. A disadvantage for Arik is that its long-haul fleet no longer has the same onboard product.



10 responses to “Arik Air Takes Delivery Of First A330-200”

  1. Emeka I. says :

    I agree, the disadvantage is now a long haul fleet without uniform product. Any idea when the A330 will debut on the LOS-JNB route? Any plans on IAH or making LOS-JFK daily?

    • nigerianaviation says :

      I think soon (at least before the WC starts). Arik would need another A345 to go daily to JFK or open IAH. There are rumours that they would wet-lease two B777s from Jet Airways. I don’t see that happen though. Perhaps they should wait till their own B777s are ready in a year time.

  2. says :

    Hoping to see a picture soon. I think the A330 will look great in Arik colours

  3. Louwrie says :

    The A330-223 will start on the LOS-JNB route from the 1st of April 2010. At least, that’s what’s planned.

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