Nigerian Eagle’s B733s – Stored?

Two of Nigerian Eagle Airlines’ (formerly Virgin Nigeria) B737-300s were sighted at Le Bourget (France) last month. Both 5N-VNG and 5N-VNF were without engines. Are the aircraft under maintenance or stored? Any information is appreciated.

The fourth B737 (5N-VND) appears to be stored at Perpignan. If two more aircraft are grounded, Nigerian Eagle would only have two B737s and two EMB-190s left in their fleet. In that case the airline would not be able to carry out all its scheduled flights.



4 responses to “Nigerian Eagle’s B733s – Stored?”

  1. Anonymous says :

    5N-VND is in Nigeria. I saw it 3 days ago. On the 12th Feb 2010

  2. Skywalker says :

    Looks like VK/NEA is just down to their 2 E190’s. I haven’t heard any 733 flight from them on the air lately.

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