IRS Airlines Acquires A New Fokker 100

IRS Airlines took delivery of a third F100. The aircraft is registered 5N-SMR (ex-PH-MJN).



4 responses to “IRS Airlines Acquires A New Fokker 100”

  1. Waldo pepper says :

    Did they pay for it or will it be repossessed when they are sent into bankruptcy?

  2. Nike says :

    Dis they pay fro it or will be repossssed. I cant see an answer???/?

  3. Waldo pepper says :

    advertisements in papers in Lagos show banks and other companies trying to push them to bankrupt because they no pay bills.

    • nigerianaviation says :

      Thanks for the update. Like most of the airlines in Nigeria, IRS is undoubtedly in dire financial trouble. IRS Airlines’ single F28 (5N-SSZ; 5N-NCZ is stored at JNB) is now stored at Lagos with titles and logo’s removed.

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