Second ATR-42MP Delivered To The NAF

Alenia Aeronautica has delivered the second ATR-42MP airplane (Maritime Patrol), registered NAF 931, to the Nigerian Air Force (NAF).

ATR-42MP - NAF 931 - Nigerian Air Force (Click to enlarge)



2 responses to “Second ATR-42MP Delivered To The NAF”

  1. Travis Okafor says :

    i’m indeed glad to note with pride,the return of the NAF to it’s constitutional role of defending our airspace.ever since the grounding and eventual phasing out of the F-27MPA,there has not been any real air maritime patrol by the airforce.but with the purchase and delivery of the ATR42 MPA,i believe the NAF is heading for greatness.

  2. Alaba Bham says :

    This aircraft NAF 931 is now taking part at the Farnborough Air Show this week.

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