Car Crashes Into Arik Air B737 At Calabar

A man crashed his car through two security gates and into a parked Arik Air B737-700 (5N-MJJ) at Calabar airport on Wednesday afternoon at 2:45pm. No one was hurt in the incident, but the aircraft was seriously damaged. The driver of the car is arrested. The man, who carried a huge bible and a cross and who claimed that he is Jesus Christ (click to see a picture from another angle), declared that he had made the desperate move to save the aircraft from an impending crash. According to a news report:

The man, whose identity could not be ascertained, boasted in an Akwa Ibom dialect that, “I am launching a war against the ungodly persons in Nigeria, and the war has just started. Until Nigerians give their lives to God the war will not stop. “I am not afraid of anything. Jesus was not afraid. Where is (President Umaru) Yar’Adua? Where is (Cross River State Governor Liyel) Imoke? There he is with his black cap,” shouted the suspect, who appeared to be mentally unstable. 

Engineers of Arik Air arrived at the airport for an on-the-spot assessment yesterday. They jacked up the plane in order to remove the car. Passengers were flown to Abuja with another aircraft. The two gates of the Air Force station have partially collapsed. 

Car crashes into Arik Air aircraft at Calabar (Copyright 234Next)



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3 responses to “Car Crashes Into Arik Air B737 At Calabar”

  1. Bahaushe says :

    Wonder if the title of this story would have remained the same if the man was carrying a copy of the holy Qur’an. Now the guy is portrayed to be acting “alone”. Some sites even claim he is “deranged” and has “mental problems”. The BBC did not even see the need to publish the story.Imagine if he was a Muslim – would have been “an islamic crime”. I still dont hear anyone calling for the split of Nigeria as a result of this one guys!!!!

    • aliyu said ahmed says :

      That is absolutely correct. What if it was the Quran that he was actually holding, he would have been termed a terrorist. Subhanallah.

  2. Travis Okafor says :

    it’s unfortunate that such a thing will be happening in our country.a lot needs to be done in improving on the security of our airports.

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