This Week’s Update

The Arik Air B737 (5N-MJJ) involved in the incident at Calabar was ferried to Lagos for inspection and repair. The damage turns out to be less worse than thought.

Chanchangi Airlines has only one operational aircraft at the moment. All other aircraft are grounded or abroad for maintenance checks. The airline has serious financial problems too.

Airlines in Nigeria threatened to stop operations on in the coming week. This decision was made after the NAMA management issued a ‘Pay before Departure’ memo to airlines in Nigeria mandating them to clear their navigational charges on ‘cash and carry’ basis effective from April 9, as most airlines have become ‘perpetual debtors’ to the agency. For instance, Arik Air allegedly is indebted to the NAMA to the tune of $1.5million.

The first two 3D body scanners are being installed at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, by the Federal Government.

According to unconfirmed reports Kabo Air suspended its scheduled flights to Cairo, Dubai and Jeddah.

Sudan Airways has resumed operations to Kano Airport this week.


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One response to “This Week’s Update”

  1. Skywalker says :

    Great work sir, very timely update as usual. I was also suprised to find chanchangi resurrect thier boeing 727 (5N-BEU) and another boeing 732 for operations. It is a shame that the airlines are running a debt stye operation. Owing is very normal in aviation as long as it is not toxic. This seems to be the trend of many local operators. Also good to hear that 5N-MJJ did not suffer major damage.

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