Fidelia Njeze New Minister Of Aviation

Reportedly, Mrs. Fidelia Njeze from Enugu State will be the new Minister of Aviation under acting president Goodluck Jonathan. She was a member of the previous administration as Minister of State for Defence and as Minister of State for Agriculture and Water Resources. Hopefully she will settle quickly into her new job as there is a crisis looming between the domestic airlines and the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency.



10 responses to “Fidelia Njeze New Minister Of Aviation”

  1. Ibe Odinakachukwu says :

    God has done it again,and again and again.Keep flying higher.
    I pray that God will give you a wisdom of no similar kind to generate more lift than drag.
    The hand of God will be upon you.Do not fear of anything,People has been there before, but your being there will make a difference.

  2. Eze Ukpo says :

    #1 I don’t see why you are so festive. Public service is a burden, a duty, and a responsibility. What relevant experience does this lady politician have? probably NONE. I thought Goodluck would be a different breed of president, but it seems that the more expectations one has of Nigeria, the more one is disappointed. The corrupt political class are not “done” yet with this nation.

  3. Bawa says :

    Congratulations, the Lord is always with you. You will still move higher in Jesus name, Amen.
    Bawa Federal Housing Enugu

  4. Ali usman tiga says :

    It is a good thing that is happening to nigeria by involving a number of female in its administration, it is an indication that the notion of women equal to the taxt is reviewed. Congratulation. Tiga jnr (08036798204)

  5. Okonkwo T.E says :

    Ada ndi Igbo,move on and on because egwu adighi atu afo oburu uzo. May the Heavenly Father be with you to serve us beter.

  6. Godwin Jideofor says :

    congratulations,am so happy what with you and pray to God to give you the grace to carry out the job,Amen

    Engr.Godwin Jideofor


    it is not all about your background but your God.never give up because life is a series of outcome,keep doing the good works you have started. you r blessed.

  8. Ali Bulama says :

    God alwaz make things as it is so kind n good 2 d nation u r flying higher 2 develop d nation n people alwaz say life is al about income bt u r al about ur nation.May God help u

  9. valentine nwokorie says :

    Expectations are so high, a lot to b done cus its abt time we move farward, it realy doesnt matter who’s appointd, what counts is d frame of mind n intents…GOD help us ul

  10. nnnnnn says :

    Great woman , Ǧ☺Θ bless you.

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