NAF To Resurrect The Air Beetle

The Nigeria Air Force announced it will put its Air Beetle training aircraft into service again, which have been out of use for over a decade. The Air Beetle is a Van RV-6A; the only kit built aircraft that is used as a military training aircraft. Searching for a suitable trainer that could be assembled in Nigeria using local labour, the Federal Government settled on the RV-6A. Van’s produced 60 kits to fulfill the order and these were assembled in Nigeria, test flown and entered service with the Nigerian Air Force in 1989 as elementary training aircraft under the name Air Beetle. The air training school is based at Kaduna and the aircraft are assembled and maintained by Dornier Aviation Nigeria (DANA).

Nigerian Air Force – NAF 076 – Air Beetle (Copyright


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2 responses to “NAF To Resurrect The Air Beetle”

  1. Anonymous says :

    That is nice to hear. I happen to be one of the team that assembled the very first one in country.

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