Arik Air’s Shrinking Fleet

After Arik Air returned three Dash 8-Q300s and four Fokker 50s to bankrupt Denim Air, the airline has lost more aircraft. One of its two B737-300s is stored (5N-MJB at Southend) as well as two B737-700s (5N-MJC at Southend and 5N-MJJ is on repair at Southend too). Some of the stored aircraft may return into service. Still, Arik Air has only 20 aircraft available for scheduled services right now, against the 30 it operated at the beginning of the year. The airline has only two aircraft awaiting delivery at the moment: an A330 (F-WJKL) at Chateauroux and a Dash 8-Q400 (C-FXAW) at Toronto.

Arik Air has not opened any new route or destination since November 2009. It actually closed eight domestic and regional destinations and a few regional routes. It seems that Arik Air is beyond its first phase of expansion. Hopefully, the airline can consolidate its current position.

Arik Air still has the biggest aircraft fleet in Nigeria. Aero operates eleven aircraft, Nigerian Eagle Airlines five, Overland Airways five, Dana Air four, IRS Airlines three, and Chanchangi Airlines two aircraft.



5 responses to “Arik Air’s Shrinking Fleet”

  1. Skywalker says :

    Nice fleet report. I think i still hear ariks boeing 733 5N-MJA On some domestic routes like Imo and Calabar on the radio. The last time i saw 5N-MJB it looked in really bad shape. Any news on Aero’s other B735 (5N-BLF & 5N-BLG)? Are they still in storage?

    • nigerianaviation says :

      You are correct, thanks. 5N-MJA was at Hamburg last month for repair, but has returned to Nigeria early this month. 5N-MJJ (damaged at Calabar) may return into service soon too; it has been repaired and got a new coat of paint at Southend.

      5N-BLG and 5N-BLH are stored at Lasham. The first is painted in full Aero colours.

  2. yomi says :

    With over 20 fleets the airline can favourably maintain its operations.Presently no other domenstic carriers covers more route than Arik Air.

  3. Ijuptil Jidayi says :

    that’s good to know.

  4. bbranhams says :

    i love arik air

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