Name Change For Nigerian Eagle

Jimoh Ibrahim, the new chairman and owner of Nigerian Eagle Airlines, announced he will give the airline a new name. He will unveil the new corporate identity of the airline next week Wednesday. He will also unfold his plans as how to consolidate the position of the airline. Its the second name change of the airline within a year, as it was still in the process of rebranding from Virgin Nigeria Airlines to Nigerian Eagle Airlines. Hopefully, it will turn out the right decision.



4 responses to “Name Change For Nigerian Eagle”

  1. Ezeukpo says :

    The name Nigerian Eagle was far from inspiring. In fact it was cliched and old-fashioned. Dozens of Nigerian entities already use this name from the football team to the flour mill. The airline needs a contemporary name that is very short and easy to pronounce.

  2. Ezeukpo says :

    I also heard that it was Yaradua who chose the name, based on 2 options sent to him by the management. By the way, it would appear that VK unnecessarily wasted thousands of dollars for the rebranding exercise that never materialized! Interbrand is not a cheap agency.

  3. Skywalker says :

    All I hope is they don’t call it NICON anything. Not NICON AIR, or NICON AIRLINES or NICON Wings etc or paint it like the former airline. All these are recipes for quick exit from the aviation scene.

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