This Week’s Update

Some bits of news over the past week:

  • The Bauchi State Government owned EMB145 (5N-BJM) was ferried back to Nigeria. It is unclear if the aircraft will return into service with IRS Airlines or will be leased to Kabo Air.
  • Virgin Nigeria is in fresh problems as the GTB Bank tries to recover a $15 million loan. Mud is already being slung to the former CEO Dapo Olumide.
  • The Jigawa State governor, Sule Lamido, announced the State Government will build its own airport to boost trade and other economic activities.
  • The Ekiti State Government inaugurated a committee responsible for the implementation of the proposed Ado-Ekiti Airport.
  • The Federal Government announced that Katsina Airport will be named in honour of the late president Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.
  • The Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) asked the Federal Government to allow regional flights from the MMA2 Domestic Terminal as the MMA International Terminal is often marred by power cuts.
  • The Star Alliance CEO, Jaan Albrecht, said in an interview that the alliance is looking for a partner in West-Africa, especially in Nigeria.
  • The websites of Bellview Airlines and Chanchangi Airlines are deactivated.

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2 responses to “This Week’s Update”

  1. Skywalker says :

    I saw a collection Mr Iwelumo’s pictures on Anet. It was like I was there myself. It is nice to know that the Nigerian Airforce operate other aircraft apart from VIP transport.Is there any info on whether it will be a yearly event?
    A sad but sure end for bellview, Chanchangi seems to only operate 2 aircraft these days 5NBEU (B727)and 5NBIF(B737-200) which are really old aircraft. What ever happened to 5NBMB and 5NBMC (B737-300) looks like they are really struggling as well.
    Timely Updates as usual, have a great week. cheers.

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