Aero Introduces Fuel Surcharge

Aero announced the introduction of a fuel surcharge of N500, and cash handling charge of N300 on every ticket purchased at its sales desks. Passengers can avoid the cash handling charge by booking and paying for their tickets online. Harold Demuren, director-general of the NCAA, criticised the charges and summoned the airline for an explanation.

Update: The NCAA has stopped Aero from introducing the fuel surcharge, calling it exploitative. Would the NCAA have taken the same measure if Aero just raised the ticket price with N1000?



2 responses to “Aero Introduces Fuel Surcharge”

  1. Emeka I. says :

    Not sure I understand the reasoning for the fuel surcharge, seeing as Aero is the leader in price slashing.

    The cash handling charge makes alittle more sense, but I’d be surprised if any of these will be well received in Nigeria.

    • nigerianaviation says :

      It’s a way of generating extra cash, I guess. Fuel prices are high in Nigeria and it fits into their LCC concept. N6000+N500 is still less than the N16000+ Arik charges on the same routes.

      By the way, despite all the problems, Aero will also start flights to Kano in July.

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