Pictures From The NAF Expo And Airshow

Some pictures of the NAF Expo and Airshow 2010, held at Kaduna, are available on the NAF website. And an excellent series of pictures of the airshow is also made by aviation photographer mr. K. Iwelumo.



One response to “Pictures From The NAF Expo And Airshow”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    Interesting that the Cheif of Air Staff says that NAF needs more pilots. The F7s were ordered in 2005 giving the Air Force almost 5 years to take pilots from ab initio or upgrade from the Alphas and L39s onto the F7. If the CAS feels the NAF dosent have enough pilots ,the service should disengage its huge numbers of non operational officers (and/or ex high peorformance pilots)on high salaries. The cost savings alone will pay for training a new generation of pilots.

    Wonder which bases the F7s will be operating from. Google Earth shows some at Markurdi

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