Nigerian Eagle Airlines Renamed ‘Air Nigeria’

Following the acquisition of a majority stake in Nigerian Eagle Airlines (formerly Virgin Nigeria Airways), the new owner, Jimoh Ibrahim, renamed the airline ‘Air Nigeria‘. This is the second rebranding of the airline within a year’s time. The colours and tail logo remain the same as the Nigerian Eagle brand. Air Nigeria’s first B737-300 (5N-VND) was pictured with the new titles at Shannon.


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4 responses to “Nigerian Eagle Airlines Renamed ‘Air Nigeria’”

  1. Ezeukpo says :

    I salute Jimoh Ibrahim for wisely ditching the name “NIGERIAN EAGLE AIRLINES” which was too long and pretentious, not to mention old-fashioned.
    Simply “Air Nigeria” is a breeze of fresh air. Let’s hope the industrialist owner has learned lessons from the experience of NICON AIRWAYS and this time ensure that international expertise and input is maintained, and safety is not compromised. Also, the carrier BADLY needs a serious cash injection to bring the new EMBRAER plans. I personally can’t wait to see all the Embraers delivered in the fresh, new brand of AIR NIGERIA.

    • nigerianaviation says :

      “Air Nigeria” is not really new. Remember this one: ? Nigerian Airways was briefly renamed “Air Nigeria” in 1993, after Nigerian Airways went bankrupt. The name “Air Nigeria” was also proposed the minister of aviation in 2002, but the airline was never materialised, just as “Nigerian Global” and “Nigerian Eagle”.

      The latest news was that Nigerian Eagle is trying to sell the remaining 6 EMB-190s on order, before delivery. I expect the new owner to acquire some more B733s at best.

  2. Babatunde Oyetayo says :

    Bravo! Let’s roll!!!



  3. Skywalker says :

    Capt Dapo once raised the point of selling the E190 to lease second hand boeing 733 at really cheap rates which will help thier finances. Nigeria is a boeing state with a lot of crew on that type of aircraft which makes crew availability also less costly.

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