CHC Helicopter And Aero Contractors Continue Partnership

Reportedly, CHC Helicopter decided to end its partnership with Aero Contractors Nigeria (ACN). CHC ceased its services as Aero was no longer able to pay them since last month, but the relations between both companies had already dampened over the past two years. CHC Helicopter entered Nigeria in 2004 when it purchased Schreiner Airways and inherited a 40% share in Aero Contractors.

Update: the above news report is incorrect, as CHC Helicopter will continue to support its business partner, Aero Contractors.


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5 responses to “CHC Helicopter And Aero Contractors Continue Partnership”

  1. Alaba says :

    I’m amazed that Aero finds itself in this financial mess. I guess its expansion over the last 10 years from its historical niche market supporting oil services into much larger commercial passenger operations with the 737s has not been a great business model. Interesting to note that Dapo Olumide has been at the helm of two failed operations.

  2. Emeka O says :

    I don’t think we can blame Dapo for Virgin Nigeria/Nigerian Eagle/Air Nigeria’s current condition. However it is unfortunate Aero is going through this situation.

  3. Andrew Huige says :

    June 3, 2010

    (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Media reports today incorrectly suggest that CHC Helicopter and Aero Contractors of Nigeria Company Limited (ACN) have severed their business relationship effective June 2, 2010. CHC Helicopter is committed to continue operating in Nigeria and has not severed its relationship with ACN.
    It is true that due to conditions imposed by the Oceanic Bank, CHC has advised numerous parties in government as well as the Oceanic Bank, ACN and our customers that we may soon be forced to shut down operations. However, no decision on that action has yet been taken.
    Negotiations between involved parties continue and, until all options are exhausted, CHC Helicopter will continue to support its business partner, ACN, and provide flying services for our valued oil and gas customers.
    For more information:
    Andrew Huige, Communications Manager, +1 604 778 999 1322

  4. Mr. Berepiki Onimim says :

    Please i would like to know if aerocontractors Nigeria(ACN) would partsponsor me for a pilot program?

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