Second Abuja Runway Contract Cancelled

The Federal Government has cancelled the $420m Abuja airport runway contract with Julius Berger after legislators found the award broke procurement rules. The tender will be re-advertised.



4 responses to “Second Abuja Runway Contract Cancelled”

  1. Emeka O says :

    Expanding the LOS International terminal would be a better use of all those millions. ABV stats suggest it should be able to survive with one runway, especially if efficient use of the existing runway is considered.

  2. Adeddotun says :

    Well if those senators feel, procedure has not been followed, it makes sense to holt the contract for reaccessment. But what will be stupid is for the process of reassessment to cost time, logistic and MONEY!

    Emaka is right in the sense that the current traffic into ABV can be dealt with effectively with one runway….but how about 20-40years from now? we need to be futuristic and plan for such times.

    conclusively, i believe that the airport facility around the country can serve the public for the next 15-20 years all they need is proper maintenance, facility uplifts and proper managment.

    • nigerianaviation says :

      They can’t close Abuja Airport to rehabilitate the runway as they did in Port Harcourt or Enugu. Therefore a second runway is deemed necessary. Perhaps it could be used for VIP-transport in the future too, as the airport is now regularly closed for civil traffic.

      The completion of Asaba Airport is said to be delayed till the end of the year. Major modifications have to be made as the structure doesn’t meet international regulations.

  3. Adedotun says :

    Emeka, i by no means despute the logic in your aurguement, and like i said the airport facilities need face-lifts imagine the lagos runway 18L has no runway light for more than a year and not one thing has been done about that!!

    and as per the lagos terminal, that”thing” needs to go under the knife for a major operation. its in a state of shame i was there when the airport lost power for over 2hours and pax were stranded as their documnets couldnt be processed, not to talk about the heat and stench that greeted the departure hall in the wake of the incident.

    but again, consider for some reason an aircraft on runway 22 in abuja…the nose-wheel broken or to say the worse, it crashed! There will be noservicable runway for abuja no matter how lean the traffic into abuja is compared to lagos…besides thats where the president lives and all diplomatic personality makes use of that same runway.

    this is very difficult to entertain as a National capital, where governance run on quick transportation

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