Arik Air To Revive Ghana Airways?

The Ghanaian government announced it will review a proposal submitted by the management of Arik Air, soliciting assistance to revive Ghana Airways. Under the proposal, Arik Air, based in Nigeria, will partner Royal Ghanaian Airlines, a fast-growing local airline, to use Ghana as a hub for its flight operations. With the aim of becoming a pan-African airline, Arik Air proposes to use Ghana ’s national colours on its aircraft to promote the country to the outside world. The Arik Air chairman said the group plans to establish an Aviation school in Ghana to train pilots and other airline staff for the aviation industry in Africa.

Ghana International Airways ceased operations in May 2010.



3 responses to “Arik Air To Revive Ghana Airways?”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    Makes sense. Arik definitely has excess capacity especially in long haul equipment which would be put to use if the proposals are accepted by the Ghanian authorities. Arik would love Ghana’s international strong routes of NY and London.

  2. Emeka I says :

    Some rumors have it Sir Johnson is hedging against what is looking like a more unfavorable govt to his airline. I wish they would open up more routes from Nigeria though, however policies might not favor such expansion?

  3. Greg says :

    It’s a strong vote for one-ness in the sub-region, a virtue which is scarce just now. This is hoping it works out fine

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