Arik Air To Build An Aviation Academy In Edo State

Arik Air announced it is planning to build a $150 million (about N22.5 billion) Aviation Academy in the Edo State to train cadet pilots and airline support staff members. Rockson Engineering, another company owned by the Arumemi-Johnson family, has also concluded plans to build the country’s third largest independent power plant at Igumon community, near Benin, the state capital, at the cost of $800 million (about N120 billion). One wonders how Arik Air will finance these projects as the airline experiences problems paying its bills in the past months.

The MD of Arik Air also announced that the airline will soon commence flights to Paris and Dubai.



2 responses to “Arik Air To Build An Aviation Academy In Edo State”

  1. Duskie Winglet says :

    Paris And Dubai!!! you must be kidding me, struggling to keep pax figure on joburg and london…then you jump onto further competion(Airfrance etc) arik certainly wont Win.

    this is a transcript of a conversation between a london bound Arik air A340 pilot and ATC

    Tower:”Arik confirm POB(persons on board)”
    Flight deck:Flight deck:”Ahhhaaa…”
    Tower:”Arik confirm POB”
    Flight deck:”28-14″(28 persons on board minus 14crew members)
    “confirm 28-14”
    “A340!y didnt you just cancell the fight? cos its a waste!”

    Flight deck:”chairman dont understand, and we are ready for clearance”

  2. Level change says :

    I think we should focus on the flight ahead while in the cockpit getting ready for a flight and not worry about how many pax an airline is carring…..just a thought….!!!!

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