Aero May Relocate From MMA2 To GAT

Aero threatens that it may move its operations from the domestic Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2) to the old General Aviation Terminal (GAT), because of the high charges levied by Bi-Courtney, the owners of MMA2. Negotiations between the two companies on the issue are ongoing.

On another note, Aero announced that it may blacklist passengers who assaults or abuses any of its employees.


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6 responses to “Aero May Relocate From MMA2 To GAT”

  1. Ugo says :

    This is a welcome idea. Organizations are established for profit making. It doesn’t what it If all Aero efforts should be paid to Bi-courtney in the name of charges. There is no need for any negotiation. Aero should relocate to GAT without wasting time.

  2. Greg says :

    Aero should go to hell……

  3. Level change aka papa alpha says :

    Dear Nigerianaviation, Although i don’t encourage profanity, i think i understand the frustration Greg has towards aero, i was on a flight (aj130) yesterday(August 16th 2010) from abuja to lagos, and the pilots were descending quite rapidly, and due to the unbalanced pressure in the cabin (which i believe was not paid attention to by the pilots), a baby of about 2years was screaming and almost losing her mind as i believe the pain in her ear was unbearable, her mother hadn’t a clue what to do, and we called the flight attendants for assistance, and all the flight attendant could say rather rudely i must add was “madam there is nothing i we can do”, to the helpless woman, passengers had to rally round to look for chewing gum, and roll tissue paper to stuff in the little girl’s ears, going back to that statement there is nothing we can do, i happen to have a 737 rating and i know that there are service phones in the cabin which link directly to the cockpit, which the flight attendants would have used to ask the pilot nicely if they could reduce their rate of descent, or if not look for ear muffs (which by regulation every airline should have) and put in the little girl’s ears and monitor her progress, but no such thing was done, this just goes to show how aero treats its passengers like gabbage. I don’t think its fair especially on that innocent little girl, that might grow up with a fear to fly all her life, all becos a group of professionals just did not think one passenger was important enough. We look forward to blue skies and happy landings……..Thank you….!!!!

  4. flap 30 says :

    mr PAPA alfa, with ur 737 rating u sud know dat the change in cabin pressure is the job of the “automatic pressure controller” thats if aero dont fly there aircraft pressurization mode selector in manual… hence pilot desending rapidly sud not come into play….

    Mr Papa Alfa…What do you mean by rapid desent? if the aircraft is not losing its cabin, y will there be a need to RAPIDLY DESEND?

    Papa Alfa…aero crew are known to be RUDE!! mostly the female…

    anyway PAPA ALFA

    • Level change aka papa alpha says :

      dear flap 30, we both know (if you have undergone the 737 training) that while descending a pilot is meant to monitor the cabin pressure whether or not the “automatic pressure controller” is active, and from experience sometimes it does lag especially if you start a descend suddenly and that is why sometimes people experience that irritating pain in their ear, as for using the words “rapid descend” i apologize, i should have used the words “descend quickly”. I am happy that we agree that aero crew are known to be rude……i just believe i should point out bad professionalism when i see one. We look forward to blue skies and happy landings

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