Taraba State Plans New Airport

The Taraba State government announced plans to construct a completely new airport (N10 billion) in the state. This entails that the current airport under construction in the state capital Jalingo will be abandoned. This project, started by the former administration, is in an advanced state, but allegedly there are technical difficulties in completing the runway.

On another note, governor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba State undertook his first solo flight as a pilot at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria, last week.



2 responses to “Taraba State Plans New Airport”

  1. Hauwa Umar says :

    Hello Tara, just want to know if your airline is employing pilots at the moment.Thanks

  2. eddie says :

    Imagine, na Airport them need or agriculture!!!!!!!.The past governor used his head and not his brain(i.e if he has any) in building a useless airport.The question is for who for? the people are so so good at Agriculture the governor should at this point in time dredge the rivers for agriculture. Please note if the past Governor was silly we should not all go through the path of stupidity for Taraba is such a lovely state

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