Bellview To Resurrect As First Nation Airways?

Recently, there have been indications that the management of defunct Bellview Airlines is trying to breathe new life into the airline. The airline would be renamed ‘First Nation Airways’ and operate a fleet of A320 aircraft. Airbus has added a new African operator called ‘First Nation Airways’ to its orders and deliveries spreadsheet in August with a fleet consisting of three A320s. If First Nation Airways regains Bellview Airlines’ AOC, it might be possible to actually see Airbus aircraft in Nigeria in the near future.


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67 responses to “Bellview To Resurrect As First Nation Airways?”

  1. BABA 2 says :

    It will be gud atleast it will bring on competitions among the airlines also create jobs oppportunities for Nigerians. But Odukoya should seek/fear God and ask for forgiveness for the salaries of his workers he refuse to pay them before and after colapse of Bellview airline.

  2. AlabaBham says :

    Lets hope the unpaid workers can seek recourse in the courts and also perharps we can ease up on the religious rhetoric on this site please.

  3. leo says :

    its a welcome event in the aviation sector. i hope things that has fallen apart in bellview will fall in place.

  4. Emeka O says :

    BABA 2, would it count as job creation if the employees don’t get paid? I’m all for competition, but the past issues need to be resolved, and prevented from happening again under a new face/name.

  5. yemi says :

    The nigeria goverment should call kayode odukoya to other the way is treating her staff

  6. Anonymous says :

    how can people apply for job opportunities with first nation airline

  7. Anonymous says :

    Bellview had great potential as an airline and a good work place. However the Nigerian enterpreneural factors come: business owners think they do everything from cleaner to direct and never give credit to the contributions of staff; highhandedness and lack of a corporate policy.

    Mind you, this does not apply to Bellview alone- top Nigerian private businesses are like this. They actually think theu are doing you a favour by employing you and that you are not adding value to the business. I woonder who does the work???

  8. mary says :

    the begining is when? we are still waiting……

  9. Anonymous says :

    Odukoya Kayode should pay the salaries of his staffs

    • Anonymous says :

      sincerely i think kayode odukoya has not treated his staff fairly. My friends wife works for first nation and she was laid off simply because she was pregnant. The management of this airline should be considerate in their decicsion making especially when it comes to personal matters

  10. Anonymous says :

    what about the customers that he collected their money and never rendered any service! can we have our money back?

  11. paul. says :


  12. Odukoya says :

    Please pray for our new company to succeed and all wrongs shall be made right. Remember it is human to err but divine to forgive. We built a first class airline in the past with only one DC-9 (5N-KAY), with all hands on deck we can repeat the same feat.

    • VIVIANE OGORJI says :

      Odukoya, you should learn from your past mistakes, i think you are still adamant cos your still sack staffs up till now.
      this is nemesis catching up with you. NCAA SHOULD CALL THIS man to order, and make him pay all unpaid staffs arres before coming back if at all.

  13. says :


  14. anonymous says :

    Amen to that mr odukoya!every man deserves a second chance in life and the real victory in life is getting up from the ground after a fall…God be with first nation. Victory is yours mr odukoya.

  15. Murphy says :

    Am glad that a business that looks grounded for life is coming up to take up its excellent position as one of the first class airline in Nigeria.I pray God will avert all future accident and devastating occurences.Amen
    Make sure am updated regularly about your site

  16. KETZY E says :

    kayode odukoya is very wicked and he does not care about staff welfare ,imagine staff that has not go for anual leave for 5years and no entitlement for such staff , most of this staff are afriad to open up because of job situation in contry. NCAA pls make sure u call kayode odukoya to other the man Odukoya is very wicked man the staff are suffering NLC pls acts fast .

  17. anonymous says :

    U guys should understand from the odukoya’s message above that he has got where he got it wrong and should let him be. If all Nigerians can be as dogged and intelligent like him, we would not be living in poverty> Do note, this man did not make a dime when he was not paying his staff, he took no kobo for personal use, he believe in his vision and ready to live with and by it and which explain the birth of FNA. Let us all pray for him and the new company to succeed and I believe with his changed mindset, FNA will be greater than B3

  18. Dami. says :

    Bellview was d best thing dat ever happened to the aviation industry in Nigeria. It’s a pity we don’t appreciate our own. The aviation industry is a capital intensive one and it was not a level playing ground for our domestic airlines to be competing with the foreign airlines on the international routes as the foreign airlines were being funded by strong and virile economies. The management of bellview fought 4 the dual designation of the Lagos – london route and b4 they were offered d London route, they had ventured into suicide missions operating unviable routes just to prove they were capable of competing with the foreign airlines. We should instead give credit to Kayode odukoya and not castigate him as most domestic airlines are now reaping from the sweat of the defunct Bellview.

    • Israel says :

      Well spoken, you are a man of great substance and value like Kayode odukoya! We dont need to blame, let us make Nigeria one big and mighty nation.

  19. Jide says :

    He gave many,an oppurnity to see and believe that light comes at the end of the tunel,so should he Kayode Odukayo be given another chance to do it again,He knows and understand the aviation world better than anybody in the country.

    • chinyere iheoma says :

      i am looking for a career in the aviation industry,please i want to know when first nation airline will start operation and how to apply for a job in this organisation.

  20. David says :

    Dear all,

    I have heard so much of Mr Kayode Odukoya and Capt Boyo. I have heard the good, the bad, and at times the absurdly funny tales about both men. Though i have not had the opportunity of meeting them personally. But I have met and worked with some of the people employed and trained by both men…

    Mr Odukoya and Capt. Boyo were and i still believe are the bedrock of the Nigerian aviation industry. You cannot write the history of the aviation industry in Nigeria without the mention of their names and contributions to the industry.

    The alleged or supposed ills of Odukoya affects every facet of businesses owned by Nigerians…The owners”Micro Manage” from the cleaners to the directors. There is the difficulty or should i say reluctance in delegating responsibilities to their subordinates…giving them the freedom to do their jobs…I believe the problem stems from the fear of losing control.

    While not holding brief for Mr Odukoya, people should appreciate the fact that the airline industry is VERY capital intensive, and except you are part of the top management, you will not appreciate the cost implications of running an airline…this runs into hundreds of millions of dollars, and Odukoya started the airline and was able to keep the airline in the air for years before its final collapse…Does anyone know the number of airlines that have gone under these past few years…European airlines???? and most airlines today are making loses, including the almighty Bristish Airways.

    Odukoya should be praised and not vilified…therefore, i would suggest that the insult and abuse of Kayode Odukoya should please STOP.

    The airline business is not a Corner Shop…even that is not easy to manage…if you believe it is, then, please establish one.

    • deborah says :

      ps how can i apply for a job in your establishment. i did ticketing and reservation.

    • JIDE says :


  21. deborah says :

    hello how do i allpy for a job in ur company. i did ticketing and reservation,tnx.

  22. says :

    I do appreciate the efforts of Mr Kayode for carring on bellview airlines to were it finally collapsed. I was once a staff of this airlines and can vividly recall the problems we went through – from ‘low pax load’ to pressure from suppliers for unpaid invoices, rents and staff salaries to name a few. Life is all about trying again after you fall and the experiences of the passed should be a good yard stick to forge ahead.
    Nevertheless, it will be much appreciated if Mr Kayode can make a jesture to pay the staff of bellview airlines a token ie the widow’s mite .I know its not been easy on you all this while but please make a move to apeace the staff who stood by bellview during the ‘rainny days’.

  23. Owolabi adetunji teslim says :

    I need any further information on recruitment…

    • taye says :

      You want further information on recruitment. Okay can you work without pay? ANSWER. If yes ODUKOYA will give you

  24. brandon says :

    mr odukoya take your self to be in our shoes for one year five months wihtout pay what would you do

  25. mike says :

    odukoya you not diffrent from those corrupted leaders in nigeria .If you continue this way you not succeed with the new airline

  26. Anonymous says :

    Please, i need to connect with the link to Nation Airways jobs.

    Can any one help me?

  27. King Leonidas says :

    Hello, this is a great forum. Now what i have to ask is, could be any vivid certainty that there is a new airline with the name, “One Nation”? I was told it just opened business and its recruiting. So i’d be very glad if anyone here shares an information.


  28. Babs says :

    I never had the opportunity of working closely with mr odukoya even though i had wanted to.But i was one of the travel sales agent that won a all expencies paid trip to bombay sometime in 2007…on bellview’s maiden non stop flight to mumbai.

    I do know him to be a very hard working young man togethet with his wife.And i have friends who worked with the then bellview airlines who had also been singing praises of him even though he fell.This is much i know of him and i cant talk about him being prudent or not.Pls let his former staff members of staff conask for their unpaid salaries,its their right,afterall,when the going was good we no hear anything.



  29. Hyginus says :

    If you want to know about Mr Kayode Odukoya, you need to ask those who are closest to him, and I happen to have been close to him for nearly 2 years between July 1st 1997 – April 1999) when I worked as his secretary at Bellview’s corporate headquarters at Opebi Road Ikeja. Mr Odukoya has his strengths and frailties, and I must stress that his shortcomings are more than his strengths. He is a VERY hard working man, so hard working that at times we left the office at 12 midnight or 1.30am and we were expected to be at work the following morning at 8pm, failing to do that, we would have our salaries cut or punished with what we at Bellview know as “surchage” meaning that he would instruct the wages department to deduct a certain amount of money from your salary for that month. Working for him was the most difficult time of my life, and as a young man who was only 22 years old when I started working for him, I often went home crying, telling my sister that I was resigning from my post. But it was my sister’s encouragement that kept me going until I unceremoniously left Bellview in April when I left Bellview to come to England without Mr Odukoya’s knowledge. And when he heard that I had left to come to England, I heard that he was asking my trusted colleagues why did they not tell him that I was leaving Bellview for England.

    At that time, Bellview was paying well, even though the salaries often came late. Another good side of Mr Odukoya is that he is exceptionally gifted, so gifted that we often regarded him as a “miracle worker”. I am using this term loosely. Even when he faced great difficulties in the affairs of Bellview, he remained resolute. I remember Bellview offices being sealed by UBA from where he took money to buy Bellview’s property for over 150 million naira in 1998, he was undeterred. And many atimes he was threatened with legal action, he was not moved by it all. He is a very resolute man.

    His greatest problem is bad management. You will never get the best from your staff if they work under threat and abuse. I often came to work with two set of ties because if he got angry, he would pull my tire, kick me with his shoes and tell me that I was a bastard. And because I could not knot my ties, I always used to ask my brother to knot another tie for me so that when Mr Odukoya has pulled me, as he did many times, I would simply take off that tie and put on another.

    Another problem that Mr Odukoya has is economic management. You can not always ask accounts department to stuff money in an envelope for you without going through the normal accounting procedure. Business don’t work that way even though the business belongs to you. There should be a strict accounting system in place so that you can be able to give accurate accounting record.

    Though I went through hell when I worked for him as his secretary, but looking back, I do not regret it. Why did I say that? I was able to come to England through Bellview even though Mr Odukoya was not aware. As his secretary, I did what I had to do through Bellview’s connection to come to England. And I have been living in England since I left Bellview in April 1999 (12 years ago).

    With this new airline, I hope that Mr Odukoya would have learnt something from the collapse of Bellview and it is my hope that he succeeds this time around.

    • Anonymous says :

      Hi guys,what a fantastic forum this is,but having said all and casting our mind back,Bellview was a big success in the past with several awards locally and internationaly,Mr kayode odukoya whom i know quite well is One of the Best men and most Hardworking man i have known in life.

      We all need to be proud of this great achiever amongst us,no one is perfect,i noticed from his reply ,asking for forgivenes,Plss let us give him another chance and i strongly believe Mr Kayode Odukoya/First nation would succeed greatly.FORGET THE PAST AND LETS MOVE FORWARD.


      • Israel says :

        More about Mr kayode odukoya
        He is a good man… “won several awards locally and internationaly,Mr kayode odukoya whom i know quite well is One of the Best men and most Hardworking man i have known in life”

        wow… are there really people like this in Nigeria?

        God bless Mr kayode odukoya!

        Wishing you long life…

  30. GBOYEGA says :

    Hi guys,what a fantastic forum this is,but having said all and casting our mind back,Bellview was a big success in the past with several awards locally and internationaly,Mr kayode odukoya whom i know quite well is One of the Best men and most Hardworking man i have known in life.

    We all need to be proud of this great achiever amongst us,no one is perfect,i noticed from his reply ,asking for forgivenes,Plss let us give him another chance and i strongly believe Mr Kayode Odukoya/First nation would succeed greatly.FORGET THE PAST AND LETS MOVE FORWARD.

  31. nike says :

    based on wat we av all said,let us have a mind to forgive becos wen each and every one of us that has worked for him and with him one way or the other is talking about our achievements,there is no way we will not mention kayode odukoya though he was a stern and difficult man that taught us the hard way.My only advise to him is to change the way he manages and corrects people becos seizing ones salary having worked for 30days isnt just the best way to correct.I really wish the airline success.Let him also know that it is not his doggedness that brings things to fruition though it is part of it but always acknowledge the true source.God will help him

  32. O.G. says :

    Hi People,

    There is no doubt saying that Odukoya is a mean man, his administrative policy was brutal, he treated staff as if they were not created by God, seizing staff salaries,sending staff on indefinite suspension, surcharging them at the slightest opportunity and always planning how he will exit staff who are getting close to 10 years in his service.
    Despite all his short-comings, I am yet to see any airline that can match the defunct b3 in terms of structure and standard in Nigeria, in my own opinion i believe B3 was able to achieve all these because Odukoya pays attention to details, he is equally strong-willed.
    His major challenge is that he does not listen to advice, which is a major characteristic of most Nigerian CEOs.
    However, as he said to err is human and to forgive is divine, I crave the indulgence of all ex-b3 staff to develop a positive spirit towards a bad situation. And as one of our old literature books said, a father is always proud of a son who damages things while in a haste to get to the farm.
    Odukoya as an individual has added value to our lives in one way or the other, in spite of his excesses and I believe his coming up with a plan to pay his ex staff will go a long way in strengthening the bond between him on one side and the ex and current staff on the other. Remember, B3 is yet to file for bankruptcy.
    Many congratulations on the arrival of the aircrafts, I believe you can take to the skies once again with the required cordial air surrounding you and most importantly with the aid of God.
    Remember it is not how many times you fall; it is your ability to bounce back that matters. I wonder how many of us can develop the liver for a come back after a similar calamity.
    First Nation Airways will fly and take its rightful position in Nigerian Aviation Industry in Jesus name.

  33. Jide says :

    As a customer, i’ve had the pleasure of flying Bellview when times were good and can attest to the excellent service delivery. However in house, i see a house divided against itself which is not unusual. The powers that be should learn to have human face irrespective of the challenges therein as this will take the airline beyond the expected level of profitability.
    First Nation should manage its past well as this will lead to greater profitability having indirectly created die hard fans. An awkward situation can change overnight if properly handled.. .

  34. charity D A says :

    pls am i want a link to ur recruitment, am a flight attendant by profession and am also trained for ticketing and reservations. Thanks

    • Israel says :

      I am an Accountant in the making by profession, but i like intelligent work, and as such, i have worked 6years in Aviation Industry as a private detective and security officer. lol

      Now Nigerians had began to see the importance of security in our day to day activities, considering the thread in the world at large, putting the world to risk of lives and properties. You can also see top military officers in Unilag going for a Diploma or Higher Diploma in Security Management and Control.

      Please let us secure on country, most importantly the airborne, airport, etc. I dont mind if offered the opportunity, i like what i do.

  35. Igbokwe Stanley says :

    please i will like to link with a recruitment,am trained for ticketing and reservation
    and also as a cargo manager with over saven years in aviatian industry.

  36. Patrick Owolanke says :

    a house build on a sand shall be washed away when the flood comes, while the house build on the rock shall stand in the test of time – storm or flood – My appointment that was never given to me in bellview bcos MD said … Please build this new organisation on sincerity.

  37. Unwaba ijgwa augustine says :

    Greeting,just want to say my mined,over the years they are lost of graduate out there loolking for job.the only available opportunity are all exeprience job..employer never want to give us the opportunity to acquire this exprience of a thing.I happen to canditate of no exprience in aviation industry.sir i will be greatful if am given the opportunity to develop a career in your reputable aviation industry.thanks and God bless you

  38. Unwaba ijgwa augustine says :

    Greeting,Am a graduate of bussiness from benue state university,makurdi 2006.over the years they are lost of graduate out there looking for job.the only available opportunity are all exeprience job..employer never want to give us the opportunity to acquire this exprience of a thing.I happen to canditate of no exprience in aviation industry.sir i will be greatful if am given the opportunity to develop a career in your reputable aviation industry.thanks and God bless you

  39. felix ogunleye says :

    After going through all the mails above two things stand out clearly:
    the respondents are either for or against the man behind b3.
    The holy books did not say we are infallible but that each time we fall, we should acknowledge the reason or reasons behind the fall, and learn from it. there is no doubt the eagle, as we use to call him has learned his lessons.
    Granted b3 failed, and the faillure is a systemic one. it is my sincere believe that alpha, as he use to call himself is wiser now. i will crave your indulgence to give him a second chance to provide the classic aviation services that we are all used to.

  40. Abosede Abiodun says :

    Greeting,Am a graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta.Over the years now, there are alot of graduate out there looking for job.the only available opportunity are all experience job..employer never want to give us the opportunity to acquire this experience of a thing.I happen to candidate of no experience in aviation industry.sir i will be grateful if am given the opportunity to develop a career in your reputable aviation industry.thank you in anticipation of your prompt response.

  41. says :

    That will be great if people like us who have not acquired 100yrs of working experience will be given the chance to develop our potentials.

  42. Adejumobi Claudius says :

    Abosede Abiodun just make a request which I think you should pls look at. I am also a Bsc holder desirous of working in an Aviation Industry, since 2007 I have been on lookout for Aviation job, I eventually stated managing in a Finance Company till today, but sincerely I am not happy with my job and you should understand when somebody is not having job satisfaction. I searched through the recent advert by Firstnation, the only thing i qualify for is 25yrs age limit while you need NCCA,FAA,EASA or icao license for others pls help us.

  43. chidiebere solomon says :

    it has really happend!what really matters, is looking into the Fulture, the principle of life is,not allowing ur previous downfall weigh ur down, life is allow about focus and dertimination, bellview is fully back, we hope for good continunity of work, god bless first nation and strength the founder and his family. forward ever back ward never

  44. Alex Akinbode says :

    Dear All,

    I took time to read through all the comments about B3 and its founder Mr. Kayode Odukoya. He is a great man. I worked with him directly as his secretary for over five years or thereabout. Besides, my negative experiences of which my colleagues had said a lot, my working with Mr. Kayode Odukoya made me what I am today, i.e. Being proactive, working hard & working under pressure, Smartness at work and lots more are gained experiences I had working with him. Working late and carefree attitude about staff welfare and making his staff pushing bag are the only wicked part of him, but I know by now he must have changed.

    Finally, I want to congratulate Mr. Kayode Odukoya for FNA on Air. He is a great man, whoever wants to criticize him, should first of all establish Airline Business privately, manage it all alone with so many challenges and resuscitate it all alone without Public funds (PLC).
    Long life Kayode Odukoya, Long life FNA, Long life Nigeria.

  45. Adeniyi says :

    I applied for FNA jobs and I was called for the test. Well, from what I could see so far at the Travelport, I believe this is a beginning of a new dawn. Remember, ‘to err is human but to forgive is divine’.

  46. Olufunmi says :

    I know First Nations Airline is back for good;i was opportuned to take all the test and interview;could not proceed because am a serving corper(Batch C 2010).It really hurt me,but would definitely try again,because i believe in second chance.

    Good to fly with friends again:)

  47. Joseph says :

    Any one who has never had a brake in life should raise his hands up. A number of previous staff are there crucifying Odukoya for unpaid Salaries and Cruelty, this may be so, but no of them is talking of how much they had stolen from the company in ticket frauds and airlifting of Passengers without tickets pocketing the money. You people have talked of all the ills of Odukoya, Please let’s hear just ONE of yours when you were in Bellview. May be if we do this sincerely we may come to a point of agreement.

  48. Joseph says :

    I cant wait to fly with the airline

    • Anonymous says :

      the first nation still remean the best airways people should com for it….first nation is the best…
      .as u com god bless u…

  49. amarachukw says :

    Glad at the news and I believe its a welcomed one. Also am available and willing to work with this team which I believe íڪ a winning one. Please I’ll be expecting a call from you,I can work as a customer care officer,flight steward. Thank you and God bless

  50. Ronke Peters says :

    If Odukoya had not had the opportunity of doing this his unethical businesses, Anini’s nefarious activities would have been a child’s play in Nigeria. He has no morals, extremely rude and obviously with no upbringing whatsoever. He insulted his mother, calling her “ashawo” in presence of his staff. Odukoya has the courage to fly people in flying coffins as he makes staff to “cook” even technical records. First Nations, Second Nations or whatever Nations Bellview tags itself, it will not fly for too long before he kills everybody again. Take this prediction or leave it. Events will tell the story.

  51. BANTASHI says :


  52. BANTASHI says :


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