Afrowood A Fake Airline?

Since the summer Afrowood Airlines and Cargo Services, represented by its CEO James Ogunlade, has been promoting direct flights from Nigeria to South and Central America. He announced the airline would operate directly from Lagos to Paraguay, from where there would be connecting flights to other countries. However, no reliable information can be found about this new airline, or at best, travel agency, and it is unlikely that the company will commence to the Americas in the near future.

Update: Beware of Afrowood Airlines it appears to be a fraud!



10 responses to “Afrowood A Fake Airline?”

  1. chris baker says :

    Is this a fake airline or what. No address or phone number and no body seems to hear of them

  2. mr johnson says :

    afrowood is not opperating. they are just publishing the same news sice aug that they will fly up till now nothing has been done.
    i will employ federal govt to stop this fake airline call afrowood before they start dupping people cos a lot of people want to travel there now

  3. innocent says :

    please may i know countries afrowood travels to without transit visa.

  4. moses says :

    chief james ogunlade is a fraudster he is faking visa foor to travel to south america and collecting their money without any airline the public should be aware, please dont give them money heir are thieves be warned, chief james haved stranded alot people in lagos by collecting all their hard earned money, posting them every now and h there without any airline to take them to south american that man and is crew are fakers pls dont deal with them,

  5. esther says :

    pls dont go and useless your money pls, chief james is a correct thief he had destroyed ghana where he bases b4 now he came to nigeria with a fake airline name call afrowood at 4 community rd allen avenue ikeja , lagos, pls this man and is people are scammers , james ogunlade those not have any affiliation with any airline in nigeria, he have dupe many people in nigeria by doing fake visa for them, now is going to kano to open a new office because alot of people have know is tricks, if you that me kindly try and call EFCC IN NIGERIA AND GO TO ALAGBON POLICE IN LAGOS PLS DONT DEAL WITH HIM…

  6. admed says :

    they are big fools chief ogunlade is conspire with many people to fake visa and fake airline pls beware of them they are fraudster and asansin expecially the ceo chief james ogunlade mind you , you can be free. your children children will suffer it from generation to generation

  7. Emma says :

    this is a fake and forge airline. Chief J.K.N. Ogunlade you are a complet thief you will die by motor accident very soon since you feel what you are doing is good,people like your ytpe to deserve to live. come to kano we are waiting for you idiot fellow you are duping people in lagos many people have told their relative that they are going to belize for the fake visa are are giving that is impersonation your matter will be review veru soon, please afrowood airline is a fake airline dont ever deal with Them, the fake company dont have a tire for for plane. be warned fake chief james ogunlade is a rogue

  8. Emma says :

    beware of fake belize visa. and beware of AFROWOOD AIRLINE NIG LTD. NO 4 COMMUNITY ROAD ALLEN AVENUE LAGOS,


    d so called afrowood airline is fake airline.d ceo,chief ogunlade james collected peoples money and ran to senegal.usele

  10. kingsley says :

    am one of the victime of afrowood airline, he collected $10,000 from me in other to take me to belize from there i travel to canada for my studies, he useless my ambition of furthering my education…i have lost every thing even my family trust, i am one of those people taking to senegal by james ogunlade, we where 12 in number we stayed in the hotel with him for two months hoping to travel while he was busy sqaundrin our money and we were busy calling our relations in nigeria telling them to send us money for our travel before he finally run away after our money is finished, many of us almost die of hunger thank God that am alive today. i dont know if the man is using charm for us, cos every body was believing what he was saying i ended up doing dirty busines..who ever sees chief ogunlade should try to contact me (kingsley donnelly)….my advice for my fellow nigerians is this: any body that tells you that he will help you to travel to spain or any part of the world through senegal, dont give him money untill you comfirm your travel cos there are lot of them in senegal who useless young men ambition and keep them stranded…puting them into series of problem with the police

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