Nigeria: 50 Years Of Aviation

1964: Nigerian Airways - Douglas C47A at Lagos Airport (Copyright Frank Hudson)

1965: Nigeria Airways - Vickers VC10 (Copyright Jordi Rull Dalmau)

1978: Lagos Airport (Copyright Steve Darke)

1980s: Nigeria Airways - B707

2010: Lagos Airport (Copyright Ken Iwelumo)



3 responses to “Nigeria: 50 Years Of Aviation”

  1. AlabaBham says :

    These images take me back especially as there was only one Lagos Airport then. In 1969,I flew aboard a Nigeria Airways F27 from Lagos – Ibadan to attend a secondary school interview at GCI. I remember seeing anti aircraft guns, Mig 15s and Iluyshin 28 Beagles at the airport.

    Any memories of Nigerian aviation guys?

  2. Ezeukpo says :

    Thanks. Aviation in nigeria goes back to the 1920s, when BOAC landed in Kano. At the time Kano was a very important city in Nigeria politically and economically speaking, perhaps more than Lagos.

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