Air Nigeria Announces Lagos-Kano and Abuja-Port Harcourt

Air Nigeria has announced that it will soon re-open the Lagos-Kano route and also commence direct flights between Abuja and Port Harcourt. The airline took delivery of its sixth B733 (5N-VNG) this week.


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3 responses to “Air Nigeria Announces Lagos-Kano and Abuja-Port Harcourt”

  1. Najeeb Sagir says :

    Its indeed a welcome development for Kano state and the airline in general as it would never be short of passengers

  2. says :

    people need more aircraft pls air nigeria shuld com n’ stay d portharcourt 2 abuja is very important pls we need d airline tnx

  3. lawrence says :

    im a corper serving in yobe state and closa to gombe state i wnt travel to port harcourt by there any flight from either maidugury or gombe or kano to port harcourt.pls if there is i need a guide. my no.08034682529.tnx

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