Nine New Airlines Apply For An AOC

Nine new airlines have applied with the NCAA for an Air Operator Certificate:

  • Sky Bird
  • Axiom Air
  • Top Brass Aviation
  • Apex Airlines
  • Freedom Airways
  • First Nation Airways
  • Private Airlines
  • West Coast Airlines
  • Rahamaniyya Airlines


5 responses to “Nine New Airlines Apply For An AOC”

  1. Ezeukpo says :

    I thought Axiom and Top Brass were already operating with 737F and EMB-120 respectively.

    • nigerianaviation says :

      TopBrass currently operates on Skypower Express Airways’ AOC with wet-leased aircraft only. It appears they intend to enter the oil-and-gas charter market with Q400s too.

      Is Axiom Air actually operating its single B733F?

      Some of the nine names have been resurfacing for years; there is no reason to assume that they will actually enter the Nigerian skies soon.

  2. oso victoria oluwadamilola says :

    hello, is top brass recruting? because i really want to work with this company.

  3. Anonymous says :

    When will first nation airways commence operations?Heard Odukoya
    S bn busy recruiting new staffers.way happens
    To the old ones?

  4. Ebenezer Peters says :

    I Like to work with a reputible organisation

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