TRACON Commissioned

President Jonathan yesterday commissioned the Total Radar Coverage for the Nigerian Airspace (TRACON) seven years after the contract for the project was signed. The project comprises four Primary Radar located in Abuja, Kano, Lagos and Port Harcourt. TRACON also has five relay stations which serve as standalone Secondary Surveillance Radar located at Talata Mafara, Maiduguri, Numan, Obubra and Ilorin.


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2 responses to “TRACON Commissioned”

  1. Skywalker says :

    Laudable as the project is, all of it is almost useless if aircraft can’t communicate with air traffic controllers. Nigeria probable has one of the worst VHF coverages in Africa. What we needed first was Total VHF Voice Coverage of Nigeria. All the same it is still a landmark in Nigeria.

  2. xnur44 says :

    The architecture of TRACON comprise of Voice Communication Systems, Voice Recording Systems, VHF transceivers, Fiber Optic, Display Console’s, Integrated aircraft billing systems and spares. ( The NAMA management drama that trailed this project is what I call “Arrested Development”. Unless this is a turnkey project with multiyear tech support, Am apprehensive of what will become of TRACON five years down the lane.

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