Picture Of FirstNation Airways’ First A320

The successor of Bellview Airlines, an airline called FirstNation Airways, will soon commence operations in Nigeria with A320 and B767 equipment. Here is a picture of the first A320 (N409AG):

FirstNation Airways - A320

FirstNation is to lease three former Gulf Air A320s (5N-FNA, serial 409; 5N-FNB, serial 466; and 5N-FNC, serial 497) from Aviation Capital Group. For more information: www.flyfirstnation.com



32 responses to “Picture Of FirstNation Airways’ First A320”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    Nice paintwork. However I hope First Nation hasnt inherited Bellviews less than ethical business practices. The Nigerian (& world’s) aviation market is now less forgiving of personality thus ego driven airlines and now focuses on ethics, quality and prices. With the exception of Ryanair I guess!

    • azim says :

      I was involved in the initial flight release of the aircrafts. My contract was due to start March 2010. They never paid any pilots helping so far and they lost their 767. ACG may recall the aircrafts if the economy picks up. The Aircrafts are very nice and the maintenance initially was well done on them. Interior are exceptional but the management sucks. They lied and it sadly sounds like Belleview with ten times the ego again..How can you have a chief pilot not even type rated on the aircraft? None of management is qualified on type and the foreigners who came to help all left penny less…Its a goat show runed byincompetent.

  2. bembe says :

    The Culture at Bellview Airlines is sad to say the least.We hope Odukoya will allow the environment to be conducive for its workers this time around and should stop creating fears to the mind of the employees .Should pay salary in good time(Stop subcharging),train its workers and importantly should fear God.God help Firstnation Airlines.

  3. God father says :

    Where is this aircraft at the moment? and what is delaying flight operation of First Nation Airways?We have been hearing this since late last year.

  4. uche c madu says :

    ,i apply for the post of ground ups manager having worked in the aviation industry for the
    past 12years both international and local airlines.arears of experience includes general groun/d-d operations customer service aviation security baggage management and administration etc

  5. john says :

    If Bellview is rebranding to Firstnationair it should be a total rebranding not just painting and leasing new aircracft , it should be a total new appraoch to management style and standard aviation practice.The era of sharp practices should be discarded by the CEO mr odukoya and payment for service rendered to the new airline should be done as at when due.
    staff should be treated like humans ,remember what goes around comes around.if Firtnationair is to stand the text of time ,more than 13 years of good radiance to bad rubiish like the case of Bellview air ,the a total rebranding is highly recommended.

  6. dayo says :

    plz hw would i apply for job in first nation airline.

  7. Miss Rowland Mirian says :

    Please am a cabin crew and i will like to work with first nation airline. How do i apply. MIRIAN

  8. Adejo adenireti adedayo says :

    Please how can i apply in firstnationairline.com

  9. Tijani J. Abayomi says :

    I ve over 3years working experience in aviation security. To be precise with the New Terminal MM2. I would like to apply & work with first nation airways. Pls how do i apply

  10. Dioh Margaret Yensi says :

    Department of Human
    Resourse Management

  11. tella olatunji nasir says :

    that is interesting to known this

  12. clem says :

    what new about firstnation? when are they coming? what’s holding them

  13. Oparaocha Gloria Ugochi says :

    Can i get the address info

  14. a geary says :

    the 3 a320 aircraft have just left glasgow airport in scotland en route to nigeria.11-04 2011

  15. Omo nosa says :

    It good to see dat bellview is back, with another name(firstnation) but i don’t understand is, those it have anything to with the nation newspaper?

  16. Joseph omotunde says :

    True, The management of Bellview airlines have made mistakes in the past and many may find it difficult to forgive heer, But one thing remains, for a long time when the airline was operating, it was one of the airlines that alot of people wanted to fly among it ranks, people flew the airlines , people worked and made a living off the airline. Now that it is rebranding to firstnation airline, let us hope and believe that Mr. Odukoya and other team mates have learnt thier lessons. I am one person who firmly believe this airline will come up stronger and better in terms of service quality, man management and adherence to standard. Congrats and Best wishes to the new airline. Best wishes Nigeria.

  17. henrietta igbo says :

    hi i have 8years experience with different airlines and i want to apply in first nations how do i go about it?

  18. zeletus says :

    i am a qualify driver haw can i get driving a job in first nation air savice

  19. Abayomi adewuyi. says :

    I hav 3years exprences in baggage handling.pls help me out.i wish to work wit first nation airways.

  20. Anonymous says :

    The management of the company should start first by paying back log of salaries and remitt pension contribution to The various pen managers before starting operation.
    unlesss this is done the airline will not have the blessings of former staff and another disasters awaits the company.
    FNA is same as Bellview so stop deciving people.

  21. Anonymous says :

    The management of the company should start first by paying back log of salaries and remitt pension contribution to The various pen managers before starting operation.
    unlesss this is done the airline will not have the blessings of former staff and another disasters awaits the company.
    FNA is same as Bellview so stop deciving people.
    I pity any current share holder in the new airline because money will be lost.The last airline did not failed for any reason but delberate to shun liabilities ranging from staff salaries,service chsrges allover the world,pension contribitions and others numerous charges to count.
    Aviation is capital intensive bla bla bla….. and require all the professors Oduks in this world but the bottum line is the right thing must be done.Bellview is First nation.Pay remaining staff salaries and pension contributions and there will be no more ill will.

  22. Thomas Mcmanus says :

    Hi, I am an experienced aircraft mechanic(unlicenced) on A319, 320,and 321.also Boeing 737cl and ng also 757 and 767 pax aircraft,doing A&C checks in base maintenance and would like the opportunity to work for first nation in Africa ,were can i send my CV to.
    Many thanks

  23. Onyeka uduje says :

    I am young man of 39,i hail from delta state.i wish to apply as a driver.i leafe at shogule.my number is07032683166.i will very happy if my application is consider.yours faithfully onyeka uduje

  24. ajala says :

    i want to believe at this point that rebranding from former Bellview to FNA is going to be a total repackaging starting from sevice quality to staff welfare. i have no doubt in my mind that FNA is coming back for better.

  25. Alexia says :

    First Nation airways has gotten their AOC and they have passed all their recertification tests and have complied with the regulations its been a long time coming but today the first official flight is taking place,Lagos to abuja,all the crews have been trained and the pilots now are required to have a type rating for the aircrafts,people make mistakes so do organizations,but its the ability to rise up again that matters,we are back and you will definitely see a big change,we are not promising perfection but we ll be better,flyfirstnation.co iTS NICE TO FLY WITH FRIENDS AGAIN

  26. Onuh C c says :

    That is the nature of business.Belview had her bite of the risk and has definitly learnt from it.I’m pretty sure they are back for better.As the name implies now,the public is waiting impatiently to see if you will live by this apt name-FNA.welcome back to the industry.

  27. Harry says :

    I beg all young Nigerians never to seek job in firstnation airline.odukoya is cheat,he likes to intimidate,threaten,and he de-humanise u and he never sees anitin good about his workers.i wonder what authorities ar doin when salaries of wokers ar nt paid but he pays the foreigners workin for him.as bellview collapse firstnation ll collapse.all workers in firstnation ar complainin rite now.he employs beautiful and handsoms faces to run and beautify his airline witout payin them.Nigerians lets wise up odukoya is a devil in human form.
    He shud come out and defend dis: odukoya threatened to slap her head of admin @ about 7.30pm wen workers had left.his children ar in the uk,he feeds well,but he neva pays wokers salaries.odukoya ll nt prosper no matter how he labours,he ll b a toiler til he dies

  28. Harry says :

    The press should stop deceivin people,bellview only changed name as a result of what happened few years bak.odukoya is stil d c.e.o so what ar we sayin?
    Odukoya believes he’s God n he can neva be.workers ar nt well treated,he rejoices in sackin workers,hear me out if u seek job in firstnation n u dnt regret it call me Bastard. I only pity innocent passengers who flies cos dey ar ignorant of who odukoya his.
    Odukoya lives well,feeds well,drives good cars,his children ar in best skools,hahahaaaa,God is watchin you odukoya.he should come to live tv program n lets hear him,he ll never cos few of us av facts of him.workers in firstnation ar sufferin n smilin wen u av to run afta fellow workers to get 50 naira as tfare.he wont prosper(odukoya kayode)

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