Air Nigeria And Ethiopian Codeshare Agreement

Air Nigeria and Ethiopian Airlines have signed a codeshare agreement, which enables Air Nigeria passengers to travel between Lagos and Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airlines flights. The agreement will enhance the existing air services between Lagos and the Middle East, Asia, East and South Africa. The agreement follows-up the network wide codeshare and interline agreement between Nigerian Eagle Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines last year.



6 responses to “Air Nigeria And Ethiopian Codeshare Agreement”

  1. Mutumba says :

    Bye Bye Arik…

  2. Justice O. says :

    Arik is here to stay. Air Nigeria will not be kicking them out anytime soon.

  3. Revnetwork says :

    Doesnt matter who is kicking who out. Why can’t both exist in fair competition?
    That way, the customer gets the best service.

  4. Mutumba says :

    What I meant was Air Nigeria is moving forward while Arik is going nowhere. Arik is not here to stay… they wont exist in five years.

  5. Bembe says :

    Are u God to decide who stays for five years or less? All we should be praying for is the co-existence of all airlines afterall in one way or the other we have close ones getting their monthly pay/salaries from these airlines.

  6. Skywalker says :

    I believe that is where Mutumba gets his opinions from. Arik Struggles to cope, especially with basics such as staff salaries.There are tell tale signs coming from Arik that they are going through either Financial trouble or Management Trouble or both. but I do seriously hope they are here to stay.Long live Nigerian Aviation.

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