Correction: Arik Air Q400s

Despite indications that Arik Air accepted a third Dash 8-Q400s, it appears that the aircraft is probably sold on to another operator. It was pictured in basic Arik Air colours but without titles on a ferry flight to Mumbai. Consequently, Arik Air still only has two Q400s.

Update: the aircraft was used by Bombardier for a demo-tour.



2 responses to “Correction: Arik Air Q400s”

  1. AsoRock says :

    That is very strange indeed. Arik Air seems to be struggling to keep up the momentum of growth it has engineered for itself in the first 3 years of operations. The Dash 8 is a good aircraft to operate in Nigeria as it has very low operating costs compared to heavier jets (737-700/800) and can be flown at full occupancy as opposed to 50% on the Boeing jets. Arik Air ‘s fleet strategy seems to be at best, confusing! They ought to focus on a maximum of 3 types eventually (Dash 8, 737, 787). That will save them a lot of money indeed.


  2. greg says :

    The fleet variety is partly due to the advantage they took of Bombardier’s eagerness to sell the CRJ900 in sub-Saharan Africa. And so, Arik was offered and accepted a good deal on the equipment, evidently an iresistable one

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