Nigeria Bans Aircraft Older Than 20 Years

The Federal Government of Nigeria has decided to lower the maximum age of aircraft in its airspace from 22 to 20 years. According to Aviation minister Fidelia Njeze:

we have an existing policy on the age of aircraft. Any aircrafts that will be imported into the country must not be more than 20 years old, and we have maintained that policy. None of the aircraft in our air space is above 20 years old.

If the new rule is really applied as suggested, it will affect most of the major airlines, including Arik Air, Dana Air, Aero, IRS Airlines and Overland, as well as the charter operators Kabo Air and MaxAir.



9 responses to “Nigeria Bans Aircraft Older Than 20 Years”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    Overall, Nigeria’s aviation safety record has improved drastically. The financial implications of this 20 year limit might not as great as expected. However it should be tied into greater implementation of oversight rules including aircraft, maintenance records, flightcrew inspections.

    Transperency also means previous accident reports can be viewed so as to learn lessons from it. Howver it is next to impossible to read accident reports from the AIB website.

  2. Paul Turton says :

    Air traffic also a massive issue…Full radar coverage is required ASAP

  3. Skywalker says :

    The nigerian ATC system is also 20 years plus and should be banned and replaced.

  4. Cpt ike Nkwocha-philips says :

    its a joke right??, when would nigeria learn to let professionals advice on such matters.I am 39yrs old the last DC3 was made when my mom was 5yrs old and its still flying. As long as politicians who dont know anything are allowed to take decisions in the aviation industry, the western world would always laugh at us.I ask can the industry sustain brandnew aircrafts??? Age has nothing to do with an aircrft but maintainance we need to be true to ourselves when it comes to the oversight functions.Now most experts in the industry are saying that since the nigerian aviation minister is a pharmacist she is now handling aircraft like expired drugs..we should do the write thing follow the instruction of the aircraft manufacturers.

  5. David Khedira says :

    I totally agree with Cpt Ike Nkwocha-Philips. The oversight function of the NCAA is a big hoax.I am a flight dispatcher and I have seen where these so called inspectors recieve heavy bribes.I even personally know a fellow who came back from Canada with a single engine COM but was stamped with a Multi Engine Com Nigerian License, just because his dad is a top shot in the NCAA.
    An example is a company like associated airlines, the airline is just a disaster waiting to happen.They have no single licensed dispatcher outside Lagos, instead they chose to employ former drivers, and seceratary who they say have ‘operations experience’ to serve as flight dispatchers, they constantly overweigh these aircrafts and sometimes even forge weather reports, so that the flights can depart.
    There is simply no professionalism attached to their operations, yet these inspectors come there and look the other way once they recieve theor fat envelopes.There is so much I would like to put don here but space wouldn’t permit me.

  6. Alaba Bham says :

    Serious allegations by David Khedira! He named an airline and claims to have seen bribes given / taken. Surely this can be taken further…

  7. Okey says :

    Capt Ike is very correct. I am presently in Miami doing the B737CL recurrency. There are all sorts of aircraft operating in the airspace here in the USA. Some airplanes of the 1950s are seen flying here. The only reason that may restrict an old airplane from flying is noise level and nothing else. Have you heard of the saying that “I have an axe that is 52yrs old. I have changed the handle 84 times and the blade 137 times”. That is what maintenance is all about. Like other equipment, if an aircraft is properly and timely maintained, it is ageless.

  8. David Khedira says :

    Please something has to be done about this airline…even the present owners are following in the same steps of the previous owners. Is there a way anybody can help with Mr Demuren’s direct contacts….

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