Who Are The Operators Of These Aircraft?

Recently, two aircraft belonging to new operators were spotted in Nigeria. Does anyone know more about the owners (follow the links for pictures)?

  • A B737-200, titled JED, and registered ZS-SMX. Active since October 2010 and probably leased from Bionic Aviation. The aircraft is now registered 5N-BMS.
  • A Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, registered 5N-BMJ.


4 responses to “Who Are The Operators Of These Aircraft?”

  1. David Khedira says :

    The 737-200 was brought in by wings aviation, for intended CBN cargo operations, while the Caravan used to belong to Ibn Allah,but now sold to Taraba State governor, but still being flown for the Traba state governor by his kids who are pilots.

    • nigerianaviation says :

      Thanks for the information! That governor enrolled as student at NCAT Zaira last year too. He appears to use the aircraft to fly between Jalingo and Suntai, his village where he built an airstrip.

      Do you know whether Associated Aviation is still operating the EMB145 for Bauchi State? By the way, try contact NCAA at admin@ncaafsg.com or info@ncaafsg.com.

  2. David Khedira says :

    The aircraft is sitting dormant since the past 4 months at the concord hanger.They clearly have no idea on what to do with the aircraft.Sources say the aircraft is actually owned by former military president IBB, and it is also rumored the IBB purchased Associated Aviation via one of his companies called Tak Group.

  3. Greg says :

    Heard Tak belongs to IBB, myself. And they fly a Lear 45, among other types

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